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February 19, 2018

Lobby group faults EU report on Kenya's elections

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga at the All Saints Cathedral during a meeting with ACK leaders on September 29, 2017/JOSEPH NDUNDA
NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga at the All Saints Cathedral during a meeting with ACK leaders on September 29, 2017/JOSEPH NDUNDA

The European Union and NASA leader Raila Odinga are working in cahoots to discredit last years' elections and destabilize the country, a lobby group has claimed.

Wazalendo Huru has claimed that Raila has run out of options in his attempts to ascend to power and is now using international proxies to destabilize peace in the country.

The group cited the recent report by the European Union Election Observation Mission to Kenya on the county’s elections last year, saying it was ill-intentioned.

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 It claimed the report was part of Raila’s efforts to justify his claims that the elections held in August and October were not free and fair.

“Odinga has reached out to his shadowy financiers, who have a well-documented history of anarchy, corruption and despotism to influence the international theatre of politics and destabilize Kenya,” secretary general Miriam Njoroge said.

The report, released in Brussels, Belgium by the head of EU mission to Kenya during last year’s General Elections, Marietje Schaake on Wednesday, claimed the polls were not conducted in a proper manner.

It faults Jubilee Party’s use of state resources to campaign, intimidation of judicial officers after annulling of the August 8 presidential election results and violent acts by NASA supporters.

Addressing a press conference at Delta Hotel in Nairobi on Friday, the group faulted the report, claiming that it was part of Raila’s last efforts to justify his loss in the polls.

“Ms Schaake no doubt is being used to as a tool for the forced revolution of Raila leading up to the planned swearing-in on the 30th of January,” Njoroge said.

“Our message of Schaake and any other tools being used to bring instability to Kenya and anywhere on the Africa Continent is quite simple. No more,” she said.

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 She said that the ODM chief had his day in Court when the Supreme Court annulled Presidential Uhuru Kenyatta’s victory and voluntarily withdrew from the repeat elections and thus should not claim the elections were not free and fair.

The opposition has been demanding for dialogue with the president and has threatened to swear in Raila as the people’s president is they are not listened to.

The group’s coordinator John Kiptoo that Kenyans were tired of the sense of imperial meddling by the ‘whites.

“Kenya might be far away country with an election but to us, this is our home and our life, you simply have no rights to jeopardize our stability for the whims and selfish desires of one man,” he said.


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