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October 19, 2018

If BBA chooses me, I'll make Kenya proud — Nairobi D star

Nairobi Diaries star Aliiptisam
Nairobi Diaries star Aliiptisam

Nairobi Diaries star Aliiptisam, popularly known as Sicho, has said she hopes to represent Kenya in this year's Big Brother.

She had initially told a close friend the news. When we reached out to her, she said, "Yeah, I will represent Kenya, inshallah. I will make Kenya proud. BBA hasn't chosen me yet, but if they do, who am I to deny?"

BBA is a reality show that has been aired for over 15 years. The first season was aired on May 25, 2003, and ended on September 7 the same year, lasting 106 days. Cherise Makubalo was crowned the very first winner of the show.

Kenya has been well-represented over the years. Entrants who've put Kenya on the map include Alexander Kasembeli, Annabel Mbaru, Prezzo (Jackson Makini), Milicent Mugadi, Huddah Monroe, Malonza, Melvin Alusa, Sabina Stadler and Sheila Kwamboka.

When Huddah represented the country, she was evicted from the house the first week. Kenyans were very disappointed and thought she didn't do her best, plus the fact that she had already started clashing with housemates the first week.

Prezzo, on the other hand, did Kenya proud. He stayed in the house for a pretty long time and stayed true to himself, playing the game as it's supposed to.

We really do hope the one who will represent us this year will bring back the prize.

Aliiptisam caused a stir with her beauty when she joined the Nairobi Diaries cast in season six.

However, she soon became the butt of jokes for her poor English. In one infamous instance, she pronounced the word “psycho” as “sicho”, hence her nickname.

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