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December 14, 2018

Kanye West a great person — top model Giannina

Model Giannina Oteto/
Model Giannina Oteto/

New York-based Kenyan model Giannina Oteto has been the talk of the year. In February last year, she joined star models — including Kylie Jenner — to showcase for Kanye West's Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden. The show attracted 20,000 people and was one of the most talked about happenings last year. It was during the same event that he streamed his new album at the time, Life of Pablo.

It was during this busy day when Giannina had her most memorable encounter with the "All of the Lights" rapper.

"Kanye West is such a great person. Lots of us always hear how unfriendly or not nice he is. But from working with him, he was a really genuine and kind man. Very respectful and caring. One show I did for him I was wearing his son's necklace, which he took off his own neck for me to wear. And I remember him saying, "After the show, please personally return this to me," she said.

Of course, you can imagine how worthy this piece of art was. If Kanye insisted that she return it to him, then it means that it must have been a gem to the creator.

"So of course I did just that, but while I was waiting for him to finish speaking with his wife, I went up and asked him to help me take it off, then one of his stylists insisted she would take it off for me, I kindly refused and told her I had told him I would return it to him. After approaching him and returning the necklace to him, he thanked me and mentioned he had forgotten that he let one of the models wear it due to how busy the day was. He was very grateful, though," she added. 

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