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October 18, 2018

MRC denies links with Ndii or any political association

MRC officials Richard Lewa and James Malembi at the Star offices in Mombasa on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 / BRIAN OTIENO
MRC officials Richard Lewa and James Malembi at the Star offices in Mombasa on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 / BRIAN OTIENO

            Secessionist group Mombasa Republican Council, has denied having any contact with NASA strategist and economist David Ndii .

MRC deputy spokesperson Richard Lewa,  yesterday told the Star, the outfit has no association with Ndii, NASA, Jubilee or any political party and should not be dragged into the political wars between Jubilee and NASA.

“What the government is doing is provoking us,” Lewa, and MRC’s Council of Elders secretary James Malembi, said.

The Star on Tuesday revealed that police had put Ndii under 24-hour surveillance and believed the economist travelled to Diani last Friday to meet with and speak with MRC leaders.

They arrested Ndii on Sunday evening, drove him to Nairobi overnight, grilled him at the Directorate of Crimianl Investigations headquarters in Gigiri before he was released on a Sh10,000 police bond without being charged.

The MRC has been championing for secession of the Coast region, a concept that NASA has also picked and is now pushing for secession of NASA leaning regions from the rest of Kenya.

Ndii has been leading the secession push.

Lewa and Malembi  said the MRC is a legal outfit after the courts in Mombasa lifted a ban imposed on the group by the government.

“We have said several times that MRC is not affiliated to any political outfit. We are independent and we are seeking secession through legal means,” Lewa said.

The outfit has been through untold suffering especially at the height of its secession push between 2011 and 2013.

It was declared illegal by the government and its leaders brutally rounded up, while others were killed.

Its president Omar Mwamnuadzi was once beaten senseless by the police as they picked him up at his home in Kwale.

He has since ‘disappeared’, skipping several court sessions.

Nobody knows where he is or whether he is alive or not.

Lewa and Malembi said they have since become a law-abiding outfit with no political inclination.

“We are still seeking secession of the Coast but this time through the courts,” Lewa said.

“What the government is doing by referring to us as an outlawed outfit is provocation,” Malembi said.

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