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October 17, 2018

Uhuru praise of cops in the face of brutality, killings worrying, MPs say

Busia Women  Representative  Florence  Mutua
Busia Women Representative Florence Mutua

Busia Women Representative Florence Mutua , Matayos MP Geoffrey Odanga MP and nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi want President Uhuru Kenyatta to come clear over his recent remarks thanking the police over the August 8th and October 26 elections. The MPs spoke separately in two functions in Busia County at the weekend.

"Kenyans have eyes and ears. Baby Pendo, Mutinda and Moraa were not involved in the demonstrations but were shot by the police. The least we expected our president to say was that investigations will be done and the perpetrators have been arraigned in court.

It is saddening for us mothers to give birth and our children die at tender ages. We say no police brutality and impunity. Uhuru come out and say our people were killed and killers have been taken to court," Mutua said.

Osotsi claimed that Jubilee is trying to degenerate the country into a police state when the constitution allow freedom of assembly.

" The police should behave with decorum and guard all Kenyans equally as per their motto "Watumishi Kwa Wote" (Service to all)instead of being teargas happy and killing people irrationally.

We are gathering reports of people killed by the police during and after the elections with a bid to taking Jubilee Leaders to face genocide charges," he said.

Odanga sent a passionate plea to President Kenyatta to bring everybody on the negotiating table to enable the Country Move forward after turbulent August 8 and October 26 elections.

He said the President should peach peace and serve all citizens without discrimination whether they voted for him or not.

" By thanking the police and yet they killed people shows the President's partisanship. He should rise up to the occasion and serve all Kenyans equally. There can be no peace without justice. If justice is denied it is a recipe for chaos which is a dangerous precedent ," he said.

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