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September 25, 2018

IEBC ‘snatched my win’, ex-MP tells court, wants poll nullified

Kimilili MP Kasuti Murunga. Photo/Monicah Mwangi
Kimilili MP Kasuti Murunga. Photo/Monicah Mwangi

Former Kimilili MP Suleiman Murunga yesterday told a petition court that IEBC were responsible for his loss during the August 8 election.

Murunga, who sought to defend his seat on the Ford Kenya party ticket, was defeated by Jubilee's Didimus Baraza.

Baraza is a former KDF officer. He was vying for the first time.

Murunga told the Bungoma High Court that IEBC officers colluded with Braza to deny him victory.

He said his agents were intimidated across all the 640 polling stations in the constituency.

He wants the election nullified.

According to Murunga, the election was marred by a lot of irregularities and illegalities, committed mainly by IEBC officers.

As such, he wants Justice Antony Murima to nullify the election 'because IEBC snatched my victory'.

''Your honour, there were a lot of cases of voter bribery but I could not report to IEBC because they had taken sides,'' Murunga said.

He said police officers watched as the bribery and intimidation of voters took place.

''I could not report to Kimilili police station because the voter bribery was being executed in the eyes of the police who were supposed to arrest the culprits,'' Murunga said.

He accused both police and the IEBC of bias.

Murunga also said IEBC officers chased away voters from some polling stations, claiming that they had already voted.

He also said that some voters were turned away on claims that their identification cards were fake.

''It is only the experts from the registrar of persons who can detect whether an ID is fake or not. Not IEBC officers,'' Murunga said.

Elsewhere, a case challenging the election of Dan Wanyama as Webuye West MP failed to kick off after the IEBC returning officer failed to arrive on time.

Cyril Etiang told the court that he had been held up is some matters.

Judge Abida Aroni fined him Sh10,000 and ordered the case to be heard today.

his counsel a fine of ten thousand and said the case will begin tomorrow {Tuesday}







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