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June 25, 2018

Stop targeting NE leaders or else... Duale tells opposition

Majority leader Aden Duale
Majority leader Aden Duale

MPs from North and Upper Eastern have defended IEBC commissioners Abdi Guliye and Boya Molu. NASA has demanded they be fired.

The lawmakers, led by Majority Leader Aden Duale, said NASA leader Raila Odinga has been witch-hunting the duo and demanding their removal unconstitutionally.

He said Raila has over the years been negatively profiling civil servants from the region.

Speaking at Parliament Buildings yesterday, Duale said Raila successfully pushed for the removal of former IEBC boss Issack Hassan and his team and that he has now zeroed in on top officials from the community.

Duale said Raila has defended top government officials from his community.

“The same Raila defended Auditor General Edward Ouko from being removed from office. He profiled Issack Hassan and is now targeting Guliye and Molu. He is defending people from his ethnic community and he thinks we cannot defend our own?” Duale said.

Garissa Township MP Duale said the community will mobilise residents to vote for Jubilee.

“We will tell our people that their enemy is one Raila Odinga. Let Raila and his principals know that they cannot have two ways. We denied you votes and we will deny you votes again,” he said.

Duale continued, “The way you defended Ouko is the way we are doing to our own Guliye and Molu. We will no longer allow him to continue profiling our people.”




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