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June 25, 2018

No need for Raila campaigns in Kilifi, he'll beat Uhuru - Kingi

Kilifi health executive Rachael Musyoki has a word with Governor Amason Kingi during the launch of construction of a Sh500 million complex at Kilifi Hospital, September 12, 2017. /ALPHONE GARI
Kilifi health executive Rachael Musyoki has a word with Governor Amason Kingi during the launch of construction of a Sh500 million complex at Kilifi Hospital, September 12, 2017. /ALPHONE GARI

Amason Kingi has decided not to campaign for Opposition leader Raila Odinga ahead of the repeat election on October 17 as "he is already a brand".

The Kilifi Governor said he is confident campaigns done before the August 8 poll are enough for Raila to defeat President Uhuru Kenyatta.

"There is no need for campaigns...welcoming Raila to Kilifi is like welcoming a bishop for salvation," he told guests who attended the groundbreaking for the construction of Kilifi Hospital complex in Kilifi town.

"Kuuza Raila Kilifi ni kama kumuunga mkono Bishop Lewa apokee yesu kama mwokozi wake (Selling Raila in Kilifi is like supporting Bishop Lewa in a journey to salvation)...Raila is already a brand in Kilifi county and a household name."

The second-term ODM Governor told the people on not to worry about his silence

"We know how our game is played. We are just waiting for the election date to come and vote like we did before," he said on Tuesday.

On Jubilee he added: “It’s time for Jubilee Party who are not popular in the county to go round and market themselves."

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Kingi's re-election proved him the kingpin of the Mijikenda community and the county's people.

His campaigns gave Raila a boost and saw him get  273,852 in the August election against Uhuru's 49,693.

ODM, which is the Opposition leader's party, got all seven MP seats and those for senator, woman representative and 27 of the 35 ward representatives.

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Kingi's launched the construction of the Sh500 million eight-storey complex as part of plans to improve health services in the county. The aim to minimise expenses residents incur when patients are referred to Mombasa.

The county chief said the construction will take place in two phases and will see the establishment of an accident and emergency centre, cancer unit, modern theatres, an ICU and HDU and imaging units for MRIs, CT scans, mammography and ultra sounds.

A picture showing the design for the Sh500 million Kilifi Hospital complex. /ALPHONCE GARI

Kingi said the project arose from a survey of all health facilities in Kilifi.

“Before devolution all developments strategies were focused on Coast Provincial General Hospital. After devolution we had to stand on our own," he said, noting many ambulances from Kilifi take their patients to Mombasa.

“Cancer patients die because of lack of medical facilities. Kilifi has no ICU or HDU and patients have to be referred to Mombasa which requires bookings."

The Governor said they began by expanding the emergency unit but that the complex will be a "game-changer".

The project, he said, will go hand in hand with the training of medical specialists abroad so they can operate equipment acquired.

“This is the first phase of giving the hospital a new face. The complex will require facilities and experts. We don’t want to complete the facility and then begin training," he said.

The county boss said they have already identified a hospital and university in Arizona where medical officers from Kilifi will go for training.

Kingi said that after the completion of the project, the county government will do away with buildings put up during the colonial times using asbestos.

He noted health is key in the pursuit for improved welfare for his people.

County health executive Rachael Musyoki said the complex will have six ICU and six HDU beds.

“It is progress and signifies hope for curative services in the county. Diagnostics services (imaging and laboratory) will greatly aid clinicians in correct diagnosis and reduce referrals for the same."

She added the complex will also have a dialysis unit.


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