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July 18, 2018

Wiper leaders weak, Jubilee right in your bedroom, Omar tells Kalonzo

Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar during a press conference on September 11, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB
Former Mombasa Senator Hassan Omar during a press conference on September 11, 2017. /ELKANA JACOB

Hassan Omar on Monday launched a scathing attack on Kalonzo Musyoka days after he resigned as Wiper secretary general.

At a press conference at a Mombasa hotel, the former Mombasa Senator said Wiper's leadership is weak, meek and unfocused. 

"My party leader has Jubilee right in his bedroom. Jubilee members have been elected in Kitui...the elected are Jubilee. I urge people who were his allies to tread carefully."

He noted Omar has not been keen on announcing the politician he backed in the Mombasa county chief race.

ODM's hassan Joho defeated Omar in the race that former Nyali MP Hezron Awiti and Jubilee's Suleiman Shahbal also took part in.

"You don't know whether Kalonzo is supporting Joho or me...when he speaks from the airport, he is taken to the bedroom by people who oppose us. How foolish does he think we are?" he asked.

"Right now he is hanging on the ballot. I am not a fool...I know which party I need to join. How smart does he think he is? We leave it to God...I never told him anything."

In a letter to the Wiper leader last week, the ex-legislator said he informed NASA before the election that he would not be a member if he lost.

"That was not rhetoric. It is still the case. As such it is unlikely that I will play any part in your October 17 presidential quest but nonetheless I wish you all the best."

Omar resigned rom Wiper citing "deep rooted" reasons and his inability to carry on following his elections loss. He has changed his tune as he earlier thanked Kalonzo, who is NASA's Deputy President candidate, for "unequivocal support, friendship and partnership" during his tenure.

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The former legislator said he has learned from the mistakes he made wwhile in the Opposition.

"Parties should add value to you. I do not desire anymore for the Wiper is weak and fluid," he said. "I learned from my mistakes and experiences. I try too much to to impress ethnic chiefs."

Omar noted there are parties which are ready for him, unlike Kalonzo's.

"I won't be there to be duped twice...I am not a fool and I know the party you need to that can give you chances."


The politician said he will challenge Joho's victory saying there were a lot of malpractices in the August 8 vote.

"Mombasa is one of the areas where numerous election discrepancies were reported. I will challenge this process and one of our prayers is that those found culpable will be punished."

Omar said his lawyers have many grounds for removing Joho from office.

"We have abuse of resources, Joho's education and other issues. Joho does not qualify to hold that position. We will administer the true will of the people."

In July, Omar refuted speculation that he was a mole planted by Jubilee to scuttle NASA campaigns in Mombasa. He tore into Joho, once saying he has no agenda for Mombasa people.

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