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February 22, 2019

Oriflame marks 50th anniversary with awards for best female employees

Guests self-serve dinner
Guests self-serve dinner

Oriflame is celebrating 50 years since its inception by awarding well-performing employees.

Marking the occasion in Mombasa Royal Court, the direct selling company rewarded Juliana Lhugano and Janet Onyango by handing over to them branches of Mombasa and Malindi. The two will now own the branches but Oriflame will be offering support.

This is part of a larger scheme to empower women in the society. The two rose through the ranks from being Oriflame's consultants to directors. Lughano joined the direct selling marketing in 2010 and Onyango in 2012.

Oriflame East Africa managing director Mary Makena said the country risks facing a skin cancer epidemic.

Also present was Oriflame managing director Piyush Chandra.

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