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January 21, 2019

Kembi Gitura concedes in Murang'a senator race, asks poll losers to follow suit

Outgoing Murang'a Senator Kembi Gitura
Outgoing Murang'a Senator Kembi Gitura

Kembi Gitura has conceded defeat after losing the Murang'a senator seat to Irungu Kang’ata who was Kiharu MP.

The former senate deputy speaker, who sought the seat as an independent, garnered 227,449 votes against Kang’ata's 279,285.

The two engaged in a vigourous campaigns after Kembi lost the Jubilee Party nominations.

Kembi on Thursday congratulated his successor and thanked Murang’a residents for giving him a chance to serve as their first senator.

He said he did his best to serve the county with diligence and dedication saying he was grateful that Mrang’a residents had stood with him for the last four years.

"I am proud that when history is written, it will show that I was the first senator of Murang’a under the new constitution," he said.

"But the elections are over now and Murang’a has a new senator. I want to congratulate him together with all who have won."

Kembi, however, noted that as an independent candidate, he was competing against much bigger forces other than his rival.

The outgoing senator lauded the IEBC for conducting free and fair elections devoid of discrepancies.

"The first statement I gave after casting my ballot was that I would concede defeat if IEBC conducted a transparent exercise and am keeping my word," he said.

He urged all leaders who lost to accept defeat saying without acceptance, they will not find it easy to move on with their lives.

Kembi noted that it is important for the country to have peace as no meaningful development can be achieved without it.

"We need peace and tranquility so that President Uhuru Kenyatta can finish his new term successfully."

However, IEBC said on Thursday that it may declare the official results on Friday by midday.





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