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February 21, 2019

Chris Musando tortured before murder: Cousin asks tough questions

Eva Buyu mourns her husband IEBC acting ICT director Chris Musando at City Mortuary on July 31, 2017. /JACK OWUOR
Eva Buyu mourns her husband IEBC acting ICT director Chris Musando at City Mortuary on July 31, 2017. /JACK OWUOR

Chris Musando's body had several cuts when it was found at City Mortuary by family members on Monday.

Journalists who visited the facility said blood oozed from his ears and nose and that the cuts were on his hands and head. Other reports indicated there were signs his hands had been tied up.

Oscar Awiti, the IEBC acting ICT director's first cousin, confirmed the cuts in a phone interview with The Star.

But Awiti said: “What has shocked us most is the fact that the body was clean and did not have any traces of blood oozing from the wounds inflicted by a sharp object."

Musando went missing on Friday and his body was found in Kikuyu, Kiambu county, on Saturday.

A post mortem has not yet been carried out and the body was moved from City Mortuary to Lee Funeral under unclear circumstances.

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Awiti said attendants at City Mortuary told them the body was taken there on Saturday at 11am.

“We have had no communication with police so far and we are just confused about how it all happened. I do not want to talk much for now as we are heading to his home,” he said.

Before ending the call, he added: “My cousin appears to have been killed on Friday night and his body taken to the mortuary in the morning. The big question is, why was the body so neat and without any traces of blood [when we saw it]?” 

Family members scheduled a meeting for tonight.

Following Musando's murder, the IEBC chairman postponed mock election results transmission that was to take place at Bomas of Kenya and centres in all counties.

Wafula Chebukati demanded a proper explanation from the government and assurance that all IEBC workers are safe.

They have been preparing for the general election that will take place next Tuesday.

"...there is no doubt that Musando was tortured and then murdered...who killed him and why did they kill him? That question must be answered," he said.

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