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February 18, 2019

Pulling Kalonzo From NASA

Whispering to Kalonzo
Whispering to Kalonzo

Nyenze the Cat is a wily feline. It’s been clawing at the steel door without let. Never mind the difficulty of stopping a train that has left the station. Trying is good for consolation, nevertheless. If things go wrong Nyenze will say, “I told you, Steve.”

Time will tell how far Nyenze can go in reclaiming, pardon, rescuing Steve from the clutches of hope. Nyenze wants the Boss to eye a better opportunity that does not exist. At least history would recall that Nyenze tried to deliver a message of hope to his party leader,” Go for the best, Steve, even if one of the two ladders to State House has been removed.

”Now, does Minority leader in the National Assembly Francis Nyenze love the Wiper leader so much he does not want him to pick the best prize available? Or is his cry over Kalonzo Musyoka’s choice of alliance a result of fear his party leader could burn — again?A former Vice President, Kalonzo is a resident of the sacrifice axis of local politics. Former President Mwai Kibaki lifted off the ladder just when Kalonzo was about to climb.

In 2002, Kalonzo, a gentle politician, allowed Kibaki, then an opposition leader who had twice flopped the presidential race, to climb first. Kalonzo also lifted up opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga in 2013 for a joint climb under the now-defunct Cord.

Nyenze is telling the former Mwingi North MP, “You deserve better. I beseech you, do not play second fiddle. You have done it before. You deserve the ultimate prize.”

Kalonzo loves to remind everyone of his hope. He is a man of humble heritage from the Tseikuru outpost, a poor clime in Mwingi, Kitui County. A child of destiny, who hopes to be President some day. But Nyenze thinks that Kalonzo’s rendezvous with destiny has arrived.

A cat that dares Nyenze’s adventure is usually an angry, hungry, and ambitious one. If you come from around Lake Victoria, a village ensconced between Wire, Asego, and Homa Hills, overlooking flinkering night lights from Kisumu city, then you should know the courage of hungry cats. The cats have a temper. A cat with an attitude can do anything when it’s hungry. Village cats are more times hungry than not. Most of the time, they claw and meow behind closed doors.

They are pushed by fear and pulled by hope: Fear of hunger and the unknown that lurks behind the dark, bleak, nights. Hope of something to nibble and the warmth behind the closed door. When the cat’s lucky to get into the closet, which is rare, they count their blessings. You discover them on your bed, snoring and contented.

Nyenze is not alone in relentlessly clawing and hoping it can pull out Kalonzo from the NASA fortress. The former Foreign Affairs minister has been assigned a second a place of honour — a step a way from his abiding dream — in NASA.

Nyenze thinks that’s not good enough. Going alone along the winding presidential path was tried and lost in 2007. Months later Kibaki grabbed the then ODM Kenya leader to help him ward off the opposition assault during post-election violence of 2007-08. But foxy Kibaki forgot to return a helping hand.

‘They’ must have sent Nyenze to rock the boat before it sails ashore, with Kalonzo as the second in command. ‘They’, like Nyenze the Cat, are determined to steal Kalonzo from the Pentagon, to disfigure the opposition. ‘They’ also want to retain what Kalonzo wants.

“They are coming for my colleagues too. If this is what ‘they’ can do, Raila and the rest should wait. Theirs is coming.” ‘They’ have sent Fazul Mahamed of the NGO Co-ordination Board to snoop around the Kalonzo Musyoka Foundation to supplement Feline Nyenze’s paw at the bolted door.

Kalonzo has let the cat out of the bag. He has fingered Deputy President William Ruto in the plot. “We know people who are driven by vendetta. It is Number Two and his people. They are lying to the people that Kalonzo got money to help get Ukambani under Jubilee but he did not, hoping to get votes.”

Nyenze the Cat is caught between incumbent Number Two and a potential Number Two for the race to the top. Politics is a game where hidden hands pull the strings to activate the puppets.

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