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October 22, 2018

Tight skirt cop Linda Okello moved from traffic to colourless Molo station job

A file photo of celebrity police officer Linda Okello.
A file photo of celebrity police officer Linda Okello.

Policewoman Linda Okello, who gained popularity over a skirt deemed immodest, has been kicked out of the traffic department.

Okello has been transferred from the Kiambu traffic department to Molo police station where she will work as a general duties officer.

She was moved on Wednesday, 13 months after she was demoted following corruption allegations.

The new position will see Okello take part in police patrols, guard prisoners in the cells and transport them to and from court. She will also help provide security in the wake of political campaigns.

Okello shot to fame when images of her in the skirt went viral on social media. The officer was later voted one of the woman representatives in the service.

She was demoted from a corporal to a constable after she was found with a Sh1,000 note during a sting operation by traffic headquarters.

Two officers who were with her during the operation escaped but she stayed put.

Traffic commandant Jacinta Muthoni, who was Okello’s overall supervisor at the traffic department, last January declined to comment on why she was demoted.

"I cannot comment on administrative issues. Who leaked the information? I will not comment; ask the higher authorities." Muthoni said on phone.

The decision to demote the officer drew mixed reactions from the rank and file in the police service.

An officer who sought anonymity said it was unfair as there was no evidence of corruption while others wanted Okello charged in court.

Celebrity cop Linda Okello demoted after being found with Sh1,000 during sting operation

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