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February 16, 2019

Siaya ex-councillors demand Sh1.5 million gratuity

Two hundred former councillors from the six subcounties in Siaya have petitioned the government to pay them Sh1.5 million gratuity each and a Sh3,000 monthly allowance.

Led by former Councillors’ Forum secretary Asteri Angolo, they said they deserve  to be paid for serving the county “faithfully and diligently”.

He spoke on Friday during the forum’s Executive Committee meeting in Siaya town. Angolo said it is unfair for them to be left out, yet former Presidents and MPs get a pension and gratuity.

He urged the assembly to emulate Kisii county, which adopted a report to pay former councillors.

Treasurer Julia Odhingo and chairman Orwenjo Umidha said most former councillors languish in poverty.

Former mayor of the now-defunct Siaya Municipal Council Orwenjo said many former councillors are bed-ridden and cannot afford to buy drugs. 

Last month, more than 12,000 former councillors from across the country demanded a one-off Sh18 billion gratuity payment. 

They also demanded to be paid a Sh30,000 monthly pension, which would cost Sh4.3 billion a year.

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