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July 18, 2018

Ezekiel Mutua insults Facebook friends for trolling post on diplomatic passport

A file photo of KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua aboard a flight.
A file photo of KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua aboard a flight.

Film Board CEO Ezekiel Mutua resorted to insulting his Facebook friends after social media users trolled him on Monday after posting his diplomatic passport.

The post accompanied remarks by the CEO saying: " ... someone wrote in a local daily that I will never get a visa to the US. Well, I not only got it but it came with a Diplomatic Passport."

"I didn't even have to go to the Embassy for biometrics or pay the visa application fee. It was delivered to my office free of charge," the post continued.

Mutua thanked Kenya's Foreign Affairs ministry and US Embassy officials for facilitating the documents, saying "to God be the glory".

The CEO was reacting to remarks by a journalist that he would never set foot in the ‘land of milk and honey’ due to his stand on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and atheists.

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Mutua, who has been vocal about 'promoting moral values', resorted to unfriending and insulting anyone who criticised the post.

In one message, Mutua insulted a friend and asked them to keep off his Facebook posts.

"Dear Mr Lemchi or whatever you call yourself. You have a right to express yourself but when you want to be a complete idiot and insulting please keep it on your wall. This is my space and i write what i want and i owe you no apology. Bloody fool," the comment reads.

Although Kenyans demanded for the Film Board boss to apologise for the insult, Mutua remained adamant.

One Twitter user said: "Ezekiel Mutua suffers inferiority complex. He is not confident. He feels he didn't deserve that position.  His grammar is terrible."

Mwanzia D Mwanzia posted: “Your issues of LGBT rights can be addressed in a more mature way, even me I don’t like them but we don’t go yapping about other peoples lives as long as it doesn’t affect others.”

Meshack Mutinda Musyoki: “Diplomacy is not political or religious correctness but rather the willingness to agree to disagree. Live and let live.”

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