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February 16, 2019

Mobility of labour

Over the past few years how many devices we carry was synonymous with how 'important' we were or what title defined us. Current trends revolve around the lighter, the better. Discussions on how the digital economy is set to change the way business is done, has been at the core of many symposiums and technology fairs. Sometimes you find yourself carrying more than two devices apportioning each for different functions. Ideally just carrying a tablet would be ideal as its less invasive and discreet not to mention better than lugging a laptop bag around. However, most people are not fond of the experience from typing on the touch screen keyboards. 

Herein comes the Tecno Winpad 10, a 10.1 inch HD screen Hybrid tablet masterpiece. With a unique watching video and browsing experience, the device is a two-in-one  onvertible tablet with a three-in-one detachable keyboard. It can be used as a tablet (without the detachable Bluetooth powered keyboard) or as a laptop with the keyboard connect. Combination of the detachable keyboard with full access Windows 8.1, means the WinPad 10 can function completely as a computer allowing the dual experience depending on situation. 

Individuals on the go who need to constantly be productive and connected to the internet, the ultra portability of this device provides them just that with Windows 10, Office 365 and a 3G SIM meaning that no wifi is not an excuse to not work. The keyboard’s cover folds in three different ways conveniently providing a variety of support positions to hold the tablet that acts as a screen in this case. And to top it off, at full charge, one is assured of unto 10 hours charge with maximum usage and two full days if not being used much. 


Smart Figures

10.1 inch HD screen Hybrid tablet

1280 x 800

7000 mAH battery

135 minutes

9V pin connector

1.8 GHz

2 GB

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