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February 17, 2019

Tales of Hermaphroditus might be all I need

Scorpios are the kinkiest women. Anatomically, Scorpio is always associated with the genitals. It’s the ruler of the Eighth House – the sector of the birth chart associated with sexual intimacy, orgasms and all things erotic. If someone is going to want to try something different and trust me, sleeping with a man with two sexual organs is way left field, it will be a Scorpio.

Guy number two is a rumoured hermaphrodite so I need to do some research on the subject. Know your mark, they say. Inter sex is exactly what the name suggests. Mutual. Reciprocal. Between. Two organs. It can get even more complex than that because it suggests that if you chop one off, then it’s all good. At birth many parents (disappointed by not having a clear cut boy or girl) choose to decide for the baby; choosing mostly to let him be male because the female organ is easier to disguise surgically than that of the male. The problem is that one cannot truly know which sex the baby best associates with until much later in life. As a result many kids grow up knowing all is not quite right with their bodies, but being unable to understand what the problem is. Since parents rarely tell them that they were hermaphrodite to begin with, they grow up thinking they are gay or transgender.

The most interesting thing though, is that this condition is viewed differently by different cultures. Sure, most people are repulsed by it and consider it grotesque, but others think of you as a descendent of the gods. Hermaphroditus, as legend has it, was born of Hermes and Aphrodite (gods of male and female sexuality). They say he attracted the love of a maiden who prayed to be united with him forever. The gods answered her prayer but in the fashion of true dark humour granted her wish, literally. The two were joined. Merged as one, the resultant Hermaphroditus had both male and female attributes. The physical body was a combination of the beautiful and delicate, yet masculine with vigour. The body parts were female thighs, breasts and feminine style of hair but the male genitalia was very prominent.

It’s interesting; I was watching a video the other day on YouTube where a woman was pranking guys on the streets. She hid a dildo in her shorts and wrapped a sweater around her waist. She was very beautiful. Guys would stop, chat her up and ask for her number. The sweater would then ‘accidentally fall’ and they would see what clearly looked like an erection.

“What is that????” Some asked in shock.

She told them it was a male organ and that she was indeed a guy. Some got very upset but interestingly, most were down with whatever. She was very sexy and the fact that she had a male organ didn’t put them off. Or was it because of it that they were more drawn to her?

“Do you want to touch it?” she asked one guy.

“Right here in the open?” he asked as he proceeded to feel her up.

I suppose if you want to seduce a hermaphrodite this is a nice story to tell. It might make them feel normal. Or desired. Tell them they are descended from the gods and gifted with the best of both worlds - to f**k or to be f**ked? That is the question. Pretty damn awesome choices, if you ask me. And so I will tell this tale to my mark, sitting across from him answering the question they always ask - what did I study in school?

“History. I love the ancient tales,” I will say.

I will then weave Greek mythology into the conversation and make it very clear that if I should ever be so lucky as to meet a descendant of the Greek god that has been blessed with both organs, I will be down with whatever…

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