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January 23, 2019

Which is the best way to knock boots?

Valentine, I am a young guy in college and I have a new girlfriend.  I want us to have the best sex position.  Which one is it?



Oh Arnold, your message is so sweet… the best sex position… for the entire world?  The one everyone agrees is best?  Produces the most mind-blowing orgasms each and every time?  The Thika Super Highway of sex — it will get you there and give you a great view?  Whew, Arnold, there simply isn’t one.

You see, there are seven billion people on the planet. That is a lot of sex having adults (read fu***rs) and we obviously do not all agree. Our anatomies vary in size and shape, different parts of our bodies respond differently and our brains respond differently to different stimuli. Some women love oral sex for example and others find it boring. And even between couples, what might have worked wonders last year might be stale today.

It’s great that you want the best for you and your new girlfriend. I love that you want to please her and keep her sexually satisfied; it is awesome.

How about a playful and experimental attitude to the whole ‘creating a sex life together’ thing? How about thinking ‘I have no idea what we’ll find but let’s have fun together’?

I think there are four basic sex positions: guy on top, woman on top, rear entry and sideways positions. You will find many names and diagrams but these are the basic configurations, after all our bodies have a limited range of motion.

Instead of getting caught up in ‘have we tried all the sex positions?’ try either of these four options and go from there. 

Experiment and find out what works for you and your partner. Does she enjoy rear entry while you both lie on your sides (also called the scissor position)? How about you on top with her legs on your shoulders, instead of around your waist?

While you pursue the best sex position for both of you, do not forget foreplay — kissing your partner, finding her erogenous zones and just how to touch them, listening to her and trying what she wants. These are the things that will create a great sex life for both of you. Have fun Arnold.




So I have been getting some questions about Tinder, how to use it and how to make an impression on it.  I promise you, I will create an account and try to figure it all out in the next few weeks. The things I do for you people in the name of research!

In the meantime, have you tried it?  What did you love or hate about it?  What worked really well in terms of creating a profile and instigating conversation or more importantly, hook-ups?  Please share [email protected] 

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