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February 20, 2019

Senate committee wants councillors paid Sh1.5 million

KIlifi Senator Stewart Madzayo. Photo/File
KIlifi Senator Stewart Madzayo. Photo/File

The Senate Labour Committee has recommended that former councillors be paid Sh1.5 million in one payoff and a Sh30,000 monthly stipend.

A report tabled by chairman Stewart Madzayo on Tuesday indicated more than 12,000 former councillors deserve to be paid, as they have suffered for long.

“A one-off honorarium of Sh1.5 million should be paid to former councillors. This is based on the fact that they did not receive fixed emoluments and experienced disparities in accessibility and terms and conditions of pension schemes over the years,” the committee said.

It said it is difficult to determine each councillor’s benefits.

The committee, however, denied the councillors a state-sponsored health insurance.

It indicated there is no universal health scheme that did not require individual contributions.

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