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January 21, 2019

Venue Review: Deep West Resort, Off Mai Mahiu Road

Deep West Resort, Off Mai Mahiu Road
Deep West Resort, Off Mai Mahiu Road

Deep West Resort, Off Mai Mahiu Road


Deep West became very famous a few years ago when it was the centre of a dispute between several individuals claiming ownership. Eventually the circus cleared itself out and the place is going through a remodelling phase to reintroduce itself to the public as the place to have a drink in town.

This famous place was where I watched the game between Crystal Palace and Chelsea football club where the latter re-established themselves in their rightful place as one of the powers of English football.

The street that hosts Deep West is off Mai Mahiu on a street whose sign is curiously titled “Access to the Blind”. This street is opposite the T-Mall that has quickly established itself as the go-to landmark when giving directions in that part of the city.

I walked into this large complex which had several buildings. At one corner to the right across from the entrance there was the Deep West Lounge and Resort. There were a couple of other little pubs to the right of the entrance – I assume associated with the main venue – one called Deep West Resort and the Little Deep West.

I headed to the lounge and resort but noted that even though it was in the middle part of the afternoon, they had still not set up. Wishing to watch the game I opted to try the Deep West Resort to its side.

The Deep West Resort wasn't a lot to write home about with two counters on either sides of the two walls with two TVs above them.

sat down and the waiter came and took my order. On inquiring the price of Tusker he told me it costs, “Sh200... no, Sh250!” I made my order though with a suspicion that I might have been played by a wily employee. Either that or I am being extra paranoid now that the Njaanuary section of the year is upon us.

As I was drinking my cold alcoholic beverage, I noted there was what seemed to be a car wash between our bar and the next bar, the Little Deep West. This I noted because the spray from the car wash drifting into our space which was a mite uncomfortable.

Drinking with me at this space was mainly older guys and a few ladies many of whom looked to be professionals.


A quick recap of the venue

Good: Decent service and décor, TV for the football fanatics, disability friendly, emergency exits available.

Bad: Clean washrooms but they look to be still under construction.

My verdict: A great place to have a drink on a chilled weekend afternoon with friends.

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