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November 18, 2018

Mercy Myra signs final divorce papers?

Mercy Myra and Attitude
Mercy Myra and Attitude

Kenya's popular celebrity couple, Mercy Myra and Attitude have called it quits on their 10-year marriage. This week, Mercy posted a photo of what looked her signing divorce papers in a lawyer's office. 

She captioned the photo saying, "In this picture, a long, looooooong while back, I started a journey. Not knowing and or how. I put pen to paper to 'The beginning of a lifetime' ahead of me. Need I even mention the bad? Naaah...I cannot do that because out of this journey that I have come thus far from, my Father, God has blessed me, had plans for me. My Abba, God, had lessons for me, class was in session. And out of it all, I learned humility, patience, love but mostly...mostly...forgiveness with a clean and genuine heart."

Based on her post, Mercy claims her divorce is final beginning, "This day, this time, today's hour was 2.30pm, 1st December 2015 when finally...finally it all came to an end..YES..END!!! The end of a chapter in my life but the beginning of a beautiful journey ahead. Signing these documents was the beginning to actual self freedom, from a journey before, that had taken four-years. Finally, God revealed His truth. His truth that I. Me. Mercy. Gods Child. That I was ready. Finally!!!"

Asked to comment on this matter, Attitude told Word Is Via Mail, "I haven’t signed divorce papers yet so I personally don’t know of any finality."

The rapper continued, "I have been a big part of my daughter's life and all I have ever asked is to be given an opportunity to continue to do so. In a situation with children involved, its easy to forget you have to think for three or at the very least two. I forgot that at one point. So I can understand if she is having the same issue. In my eyes, my daughter should have the opportunity to grow with both parents if available."

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