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January 22, 2019

When the Pope came to town

A couple of months ago, Obama visited us and we all scrubbed up. Suddenly new potted palms were littered along UN Avenue. Kidero’s Grass was a trending topic on social media, so much so even the President assured him it shall grow, and like good children when visitors come to visit, we behaved ourselves.

Fast forward to this week and the Pope is here at long last. Overnight structures have been built for him to give his address from, El Nino helped by cleaning up the place a little bit (while wreaking havoc on the other hand!) and a public holiday was announced for the Pontiff’s visit.

First of all, let’s talk about those structures. We can do everything to build something overnight for the Pope to stand on and deliver his address but we seem to have no money or resources to house the homeless wandering all over? I may be overly simplistic with my thinking here but the logic actually flies over my head. Why are we not able to build up some sort of structures for these homeless people we see all over the place? Or maybe start up something like a soup kitchen and at least feed them if nothing else? I know my questions will remain unanswered. Who has the time to even think these things anyway?

Now on to the public holiday maneno. I’m going to look at this rationally. Fair enough, due to security reasons, you might want to close off the major roads so that the Pope can most comfortably get to where he has to go. What I can’t understand is, why don’t you want the Pope to know how the rest of us struggle day in, day out, stuck in traffic, wasting our productive and family time stuck on roads? The public holiday has been declared and I’m not even amused with this. It’s like me paying school fees for my kids just so that they can stay at home. My son has exams going on, my daughter cannot afford to have these sudden, unplanned public holidays because it disrupts her studies but does anyone care?

Also, it’s not a public holiday for me! We got a stern email stating that we have to be at work and transport would be provided for just in case the roads where we live or are commuting from are impassable. If we can go to work, why can’t he rest of the nation? How are we even going to dream of becoming a 24 hour economy at this rate? Keeping a couple of token supermarkets open for 24 hours doesn’t constitute a 24 hour economy. We can’t be getting excited over such small things and then feel that yes, the country is headed somewhere. Especially not when this was done a long time ago and there doesn’t seem to have been anything else to write home about.

I’m the first to defend my country furiously should anyone say anything against her. What I can’t deal with is that we are pretentious people when outsiders come to our home and we act like we are really ‘with it’ in life and are headed towards progress. We are not. As long as we have homeless people who will be shooed away so the Pope doesn’t see them on the roads, we are just a bunch of fake people who don’t want visitors to know the truth.

Let’s fix ourselves up before we start inviting people into our home. Let’s make sure the family is united and there for each other instead of allowing everyone to tag the Pope (or anyone else for that matter) on social media to show what our country really is like. This is not how we should be living. We need to show compassion for each other, and just the way we get somewhat united on Twitter, I wish we would use that same unity to eradicate what brings our country down the most. Let’s start with corruption.

Have a great weekend.


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