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January 20, 2019

Brother Ocholla and that screenshot

Technology has made things awkward many times. You are not able to keep up with the numerous, sometimes ridiculous, Whatsapp groups that everyone seems to keep adding you to. I promise you, the day I can leave a Whatsapp group without leaving a digital footprint to show that I have exited the group, I will leave many groups that friends and family have added me to.

It’s bad enough that we are ‘over available’ these days. Phones, messages, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FaceTime, Skype, Google, Hangouts, and a whole plethora of social media platforms are at our fingertips ensuring that anyone can reach us at anytime, anywhere. They even have WiFi thousands of feet above the ground in aeroplanes so you can run but you can’t hide!

Last week a screenshot of a Whatsapp message was being shared across social media. It seemed to be of some prayer group and a gentleman by the name of brother Ocholla erroneously typed out and sent an intimate message meant for his wife onto the group.

There’s always that one person who wants to feel validated or important, to get their two seconds of fame with the number of shares their screenshot will get, how people will make a big deal of what you thought was hilarious so that you could malign someone online and generally just being a bloody idiot.

So, this prayer group didn’t seem to lack this imbecile who took a screenshot of the conversation and circulated it all over. Of course, people who found this funny shared it, laughing away, poking fun at the intimate message the Brother had wanted to send to his wife, it turned in to ‘news’ on gossip rags online and surprise, surprise. It was a trending topic on Twitter as well.

What is wrong with people? The real Judas in all this was the person who took that screenshot and started circulating it. You are an idiot in dire need of counselling and treatment for mental health issues. Do you feel life has treated you unfairly and you need to get back at this world by stooping to such stupidity?

I know I should just leave such idiots alone but how did this person think they could ruin someone’s reputation with what they thought might be a joke? It was a message meant for his wife, he mistakenly put it on the wrong group and then it went downhill from there.

Please let us learn to be kind to one another. It was a mistake, and like Vegas, whatever happened on the group should have remained on the group. Calm down, mind your own business, say a prayer, be good enough to just let it be and move on. Be responsible Netizens.


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