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December 17, 2018

Cubist artists show the power of creativity

Picasso's cubism
Picasso's cubism

Cubism is a fascinating early 20th century radical art movement. Inspired by the Cézanne who simplified natural complex forms into simple forms of cylinders, spheres and cones and painted in small blotches of paint, as well as by the striking minimalism of African art, cubist artists wanted to invent new symbolic language; that would represent the invisible life and processes.

They wanted, and, boy, they did! They took the form of ‘cube’ and ran away with it! All was represent in ‘cubes’: people, objects, spaces, even music.

That was not enough. They wanted to represent all forms from all the angles and at the same time. Cubists’ ‘multitude viewpoints’ became a revolution.

Those ‘ignorant geometers who reduced the human life to mechanical cubes’, as critics called cubist artists, made a huge impact on modern thinking, not only about art, but importantly our democracy, freedom, and structure of the human life. Such is the power of creativity!


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