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February 17, 2019

Is anyone listening to our cries?

Two years ago this week, I wrote a heartfelt plea in the Star. It was about our ‘insecure security’ and it was written just a month after the Westgate incident. Within a week, I had been shown a gun at the gate of my home and then had grenades and bullets showered on a whole lot of people I know just five days later.

Why is it that two years on, I still hear of bodabodas gaining entry to peoples homes and robbing them? Why do I still hear of carjackings that have had the robbers come on motorbikes and bully the victim into surrender, or worse yet, shoot the occupants of the car and just help themselves to the vehicle?

That’s not the only looting going on. Suddenly you hear of wheelbarrows and soap that cost more than my children’s school fees. Sometimes I think THESE are the real terrorists. The others just come to kill us and move on with it. This lot are a special. They help themselves to our salaries, and a huge chunk at that. Then when you ask for an account of where your hard-earned money goes, we get these ridiculous invoices that start floating around for wheelbarrows and soaps that cost an arm and a leg.

All this is just not even the tip of the iceberg. You look at the palatial homes our politicians are living in or are in the process of building. They look amazing. It doesn’t stop there. Homes need to be furnished, don’t they? Then you need vehicles to transport you and your family to and fro right?

Let’s face it. We all want to be rich. We all want the comfort of a home that we own and can call our own. We have all sorts of professionals in our country who do an excellent job at what they’re skilled in. Some earn more than others, but you know what, that is okay.

What is not okay is that people sitting in the August house are busy raising their salaries, they’re the worst at basic accounting so the costs they put on their expenses are pathetic.

The icing on the cake is then all this insecurity we are made to endure because people aren’t doing their jobs to protect us. I just hate that I’m still working away yet you are not doing your job and demand all sorts of monies from my hard earned salary.

Style up, people in charge of Kenya. We are all in this together. Yes, we may have different opinions, we may disagree on a lot of things but that is what a democracy is all about. Our focus should be on making our motherland into a nation that will be envied by our neighbours, that will be talked about internationally at a very positive level and everyone’s living in relative harmony and peace.

I’m done with my fantasy for this week. Even I know it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Have a delusion-free weekend!


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