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February 21, 2019

Amazing Safari 2 kicks off!

Amazing safari 1
Amazing safari 1

The first two legs of the Amazing Safari have been exhilarating. From an initial 31 participating teams of two members each, only 10 teams qualified for the third round that took place on Sunday.

With the clues and tasks getting more difficult each week, elimination is inevitable so as to discover who will emerge tops.

Title sponsors I&M and Visa have provided a Prepaid Travel Card which the contestants are using at their various pitstops to cover any costs. I&M general manager, marketing and product development, Suprio Sen Gupta and Visa country manager Victor Ndlovu were on hand during flag off three weeks ago at the Sarit Centre.

Krackles and Waba Mineral Water have been providing the much needed energy and rehydration for the participants.

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