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January 22, 2019

Venue Review: Club Buccaneers, Kisumu

Club Buccaneers, Kisumu
Club Buccaneers, Kisumu

I was having a drink in Kisumu on Thursday when I asked a local where I could check out the action. After thinking a bit about it, he recommended that I check out Club Buccaneers somewhere in town.

I had to climb stairs on the three-storey building, which didn't seem to have any elevator. This means you on a wheelchair won't be able to access this venue.

I made it into this area at the first floor where I had to pay a gentleman in a little box office Sh200 to access. As I went up the stairs I noted there was some other pubs at that level, but my interest was this place with all the action on the second floor.

I walked into the complex and saw this club with a very large stage as its centre piece. There were a few counters around the place, but most people seemed to be concentrated on the action on the big stage. I ordered a beer which was retailing Sh200, and made my way to the front to see what the interest was. As I came closer to the stage I saw folks who were drinking and smoking shisha. They were of different ages with a bias of guys.

Across from the entrance of the area there was a DJ booth on a higher level, and he was spinning hits from reggae, hip hop, rhythm and blues, as well as from a potent local mix. What was interesting was all eyes were fixed on a young woman on the centre stage who proceeded to strip. After about five minutes, she was replaced by yet another young woman who was then also replaced. In this place you can see exotic dancers plying their trade, which is why my friend told me to check it out.

As I was leaving at 2am I joked with the doorman that we have more risqué shows where I come from. He countered this was a polite show – there was a VIP area that cost Sh300 where the real action happened! I took up his challenge and went to this area after paying the fee. Unfortunately, what I saw that Thursday evening cannot be shared on a family paper.


A quick recap of the venue:

Good: Decent décor, great service, live entertainment, clean washrooms, decent pricing, central for Kisumu residents.

Bad: Disability unfriendly, emergency exit not easily accessible.

My verdict: Adult entertainment went to the counties ladies and gentlemen. Devolution works!

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