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January 20, 2019

Funny guys are better in bed

Why are women into funny men? It’s not just laughter they’re after. Recent research shows that guys with a good sense of humour are better in bed.

A woman’s orgasm is very variable – some women have them every time they have intercourse, while others never do. And then there are all the women who fall somewhere in between.

Whether or not a woman regularly reaches orgasm has to do with all sorts of factors.

Things like mood, stress, how a relationship is going, and also sexual experience can all affect whether a woman is able to climax.

There are also other reasons that have a lot to do with her partner. Women have more orgasms when their guy’s a hunk, research has shown, whether that's because he’s more attractive than most or because he’s more manly.


But what about the features of a guy that aren’t physical? Like self-confidence or a sense of humour? In order to shed some light on the manly traits that are more likely to contribute to a woman’s orgasm, US researchers recruited 44 female university students in a committed relationship and asked them about their guy’s physical and psychological features, how often and how intensely they orgasmed during intercourse, and whether they were satisfied with their sex lives.

Women who rated their guys as being confident had more orgasms during intercourse, the study found.


But the researchers also found that a good sense of humour was closely connected to a good sex life for these women. Participants with funny partners had more orgasms and more sex than those who didn’t dig their guy’s sense of humour. Women were also more likely to initiate sex with funny partners.

A good sense of humour could reveal information about a man that women find attractive and would want to pass on to their offspring, say the researchers. Indeed, guys who could tell a good joke were rated as more intelligent, creative, and popular than those whose sense of humour was not their most redeeming feature. What’s more, women felt safer and more committed to funny partners.


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