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November 21, 2018

Buy that striker Wenger, or the Gunners' season will unravel

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and assistant manager Steve Bould. Photo/REUTERS
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and assistant manager Steve Bould. Photo/REUTERS

I do need to apologise for not bringing Gunpoint to you last week but I had surgery last Friday. And even though I am still in recovery, at least I can type.

I never thought sinusitis could get so serious and the surgery be so painful, but now I know better and I have new respect for my nose. Thank you for all the good wishes. I was happy to be discharged from hospital on Monday just in time to watch the match between Arsenal and Liverpool in the comfort of home. What happened in that game sort of brought me back down to earth when it comes to hoping that Arsenal will win key silverware this season.

No I am not losing complete faith in my team because the transfer market is still open, but I am giving manager Arsene Wenger until Monday – transfer deadline day – to show intent of winning something serious this term. The early stages of the match against Liverpool basically looked like boys playing against Liverpool men and when I looked at the half time stats, it confirmed my fears. Liverpool had 11 shots on goal by half time while Arsenal had three; Liverpool had five on target while Arsenal had one. Yes Aaron Ramsey had a legitimate goal disallowed but it worries me that while chances are being created there is no-one to actually go for goal. Olivier Giroud is not that man. Yes he sometimes has great games and scores great goals; but to win championships we need a striker who will score more often than he won’t. I do believe Wenger could have groomed Theo Walcott to be that man but the Frenchman isn’t convinced. It frustrates me that he doesn’t even start Walcott and then fans criticise Walcott for not scoring when he only gets to play 20 minutes of a game at most.

The rumours of Karim Benzema’s move to Arsenal won’t go away; and while his move would be perfect because that is exactly what the Gunners need, if it won’t be him Mr Wenger; it needs to be somebody! There aren’t that many top quality sharp shooters on the market though and that’s why there are scouts. They should go to the far corners of the earth to search for a perfect match. This is the bottom line that every Gunner must accept. While I hope our team will win big things this term, if we don’t get a key striker, we won’t win anything significant. If we do, we will. It’s that simple! Apart from Manchester City, every other team in the league has already dropped points, so that’s encouraging for Arsenal. Although I do know we’ll come to rue these lost points towards the end of the season, it also means we aren’t being left behind on our own as one of the big clubs.

Liverpool will be a team to reckon with this season. I never underestimate the power of Manchester United regardless of what the club is going through, while Jose Mourinho always has something up his sleeve.

So this season will be a true test of who has what it takes to remain on top when the going gets tough. City are already ahead but I know they’ll drop points somewhere along the line. Who will be there to take advantage when City do fall. If Wenger doesn’t buy a Benzema, then it certainly won’t be Arsenal. I hope to the high heavens though, that he does; and it is. Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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