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January 17, 2019

Hooray, I'm now KRA compliant!

Last week I was venting as if my world was coming to an end. We were four days away from the deadline to get online and file our taxes and returns and I had done nothing at all.

Along came a fabulous representative from KRA to our Radio Africa offices to take us through the process of sorting password issues and other woes we were moaning about.

You have no idea how relieved I was to see that it was not just me who had been having problems. There was a whole bunch of us and we nervously joked about the taxes we pay to make this country a better place as we waited in the posh boardroom for the KRA rep to arrive. Poor chap was held up in traffic so the meeting was rescheduled but I still managed to make it. He linked his laptop to the audio-visual link so that we could all see in real time how to go about it. Since we needed a practical example, I volunteered my P9 form. Of course, I had a very ulterior motive because if he used my form to demonstrate, it would simply mean my registration would be done!

What I didn’t count on was the fact that everything about my life, except for my blood group, was on that form. Mum and Dad’s names were there, my postal and physical address was there, and my birth date was there too. I heard my colleagues whisper as they calculated my age and I gave them ultimatums of non-disclosure as I defensively said I’m younger than Patrick Quarcoo.

Jesting aside, I must say it wasn’t as horrid or hard as I had thought. Yes, I did encounter a few problems while trying to log in, and then for the most part of it, as I admitted last week, I was procrastinating. The process was pretty straightforward and once the registration had gone through, later in the day, I received an email to let me know I had been registered.

You know what was the most awesome thing for me in all this? The fact that my old PIN had my marital name and this was changed to my maiden name, all thanks to the name used as it is shown on my national identity card. I parted with no money to get this done and it was a very simple procedure that was done online. Do you even know how happy I was?

I also found out that I was eligible for tax relief! Could this day have gotten any better? You see, like me, many of us think that KRA is only out to get our money and never ever return anything to us and I humbly accept that I have been wrong. It pays to educate yourself and know better, even if you are like me, scared of numbers and losing your hard earned money in form of tax every time. It really isn’t that bad.

A great big thanks to our teams at Radio Africa, especially the human resources department for looking after this for us. I’ve said this before and I’ve said it again, we really are looked after very well at Radio Africa.

I hope you managed to sort your tax manenos out. I’m walking on air since last week.


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