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January 19, 2019

Just how crucial is Petr Cech for Gunners' plans?

Once in a while I like to upset my fellow Gunners because I refuse to conform and this week was one of those moments. I questioned on our facebook group “The Score Kenya” whether Petr Cech was the most important position we needed replaced right now and all hell broke loose. Since most people in the group post comments after reading just half a post, let me clarify that I do believe that Cech will be a great asset to the Gunners, but is the goalkeeping department the most important position for us right now and is it worth all the hullabaloo that’s been created around the transfer. Will Cech really be the “messiah” that the fans are hoping he will be? The experience will be a nice have; but when I look at the numbers, David Ospina wasn’t all that bad last term. Chelsea conceded 32 goals in the league last season while Arsenal conceded just four more.

Cech and Ospina weren’t in goal for the entire season but those are the overall numbers. The difference was that Chelsea’s defence, led by John Terry was lethal! Infact everyone had a go at Jose Mourinho last season for being overall defensive, which means the goalkeepers were well protected by the entire team. Move over to Arsenal where Per Mertesacker arguably had one of his worst season’s and our defensive midfield position wasn’t always covered due to injuries mostly.

Francis Coquelin began to prove at some point that he could really make that position his; but generally Ospina and Wojciech Szczesny were very exposed throughout the season. And yet they only conceded four league goals more than Chelsea. Is Cech a great keeper? Yes he is! Will he make one or two more crucial saves than Ospina did last season; possibly! Will he win us a title? Not if we aren’t scoring.

Had we scored more goals last season; regardless of what we conceded, we could have won the league or at least finished ahead of Manchester City. You may argue that Arsenal scored just two goals less than Chelsea, but we had many big score-lines against teams that were not in good form.

Scoring four in a game wasn’t unusual but we failed to even out our wins. Not scoring at least in one leg against both Sunderland, Swansea and Chelsea and struggling for goals in the Champions League show how badly we need a striker. I wish I had the stats for the chances we missed in so many games but I remember them; dominating a match was more common for us than getting three points. I also dare ask why Jose Mourinho is willing to let Cech leave? What does he know that we don’t? Why is no-one at Arsenal questioning why we are getting Chelsea’s second best? Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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