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January 21, 2019

So what has changed for Arsenal? Absolutely nothing

Why did my fellow Gunners have a go at me on my blog this week for saying that Arsene Wenger is not the man for Arsenal and that our stumble on Monday wasn’t altogether unexpected?
What happened on Monday wasn’t unusual was it? It was just reflective of what has happened to the Gunners in the past ten seasons; nothing has changed. If we look back through the last ten years, it was just one mistake that turned Arsenal’s season around and stopped us from either winning silverware or finishing in a certain position.
I remember the 2011 season so vividly because we were in four competitions in February. But we went from a League Cup final loss to lowly Birmingham to being kicked out of the Champions League and The FA Cup within two weeks or so. We are the team that comes so close but yet remain so far. Second in the log, while short of a trophy, would have been an improvement from recent seasons but once again Arsenal came so close yet were so far.
It’s our lot in life; we are the team that threatens to be the best but falls short everytime; like a career best-maid who never becomes a bride. Our ability to finish second is now no longer in our hands; we have gifted it to Manchester City. And why? Because Thierry Henry was right. Two weeks ago he said on Sky Sports News that Arsenal would never win any serious silverware until we sorted out our spine. We need a world class keeper, a world class defender, a world class defensive midfielder and a world class striker. Right now we have good players; but we need brilliant. Danny Welbeck would fit in as a star striker in clubs fighting for Europa, not major European titles. Olivier Giroud isn’t so bad but can’t be our number one; perhaps our support striker.
Wenger clearly hasn’t given players like Theo Walcott enough time on the pitch since his return from injury, so even when he does bring him on as a substitute, he is still a bit rusty. And why doesn’t Wenger play guys like Tomas Rosicky? Nearly every time Rosicky comes on, he delivers. He’s been in such fine form this term when he plays but Wenger just doesn’t play him.
There’s a girl on our facebook group “The Score Kenya” who posted this the other day. Her name is Julie Ozil Gathoni (and I’ve gathered that she’s Julie Gichuru’s biggest fan) but the “Ozil” shows that she is a Gunner. She posted on Tuesday morning how she was defecting to Manchester United. I don’t support defections but she had a valid point when she said as long as Stan Kroenke is the majority shareholder at Arsenal Wenger will remain as manager. And as long as Wenger is manager, mediocre players will still be given prime responsibilities in the team. She went on and on and I agreed with her on this issue. Of course other Gunners trolled her telling her to defect. As Gunners we need to want more for our team. And we need to be more tolerant of fellow Gunners criticising our team out of love. While I now believe we’ll finish third, there’s a chance we could finish 4th. So all that excitement about having a good run this year will be for nothing. Once again Wenger has managed to turn things around just as the noise of “Wenger must go” was becoming unbearable, only to achieve very little once again. Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or
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