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July 18, 2018

Zusha road safety campaign launched, passengers urged to speak out against rogue drivers

NRST Founder Trustee Kiprono Kittony. Photo Courtesy NRST
NRST Founder Trustee Kiprono Kittony. Photo Courtesy NRST

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in partnership with National Road Safety Trust (NRST) and Georgetown University on Friday launched the road safety campaign dubbed "Zusha".

The campaign is aimed to persuading passengers to speak out against rogue Public Service Vehicles drivers.

This follows a successful implementation of the first and second phase of the campaign in 2010 executed through messages on stickers, outdoor, radio and social media encouraging passengers to “speak out” when a driver over speeds or drives recklessly.

Speaking at a Nairobi Hotel, the NTSA Director General Francis Meja said this will be the third phase campaign, which will run for two years and will be scaled up to target all PSVs countrywide.

“The major cause of accidents is speeding and reckless driving, and given that the authorities do not have sufficient resources to enforce speed, this has been a challenge,” Meja noted.

He added that last year alone, PSVs contributed to 42 percent of fatal crashes making it the highest contributor while PSV passengers formed 23 percent of all the reported road crash fatalities.

NRST Founder Trustee Kiprono Kittony noted that the campaign aims to create awareness on the need for PSV passengers to demand safe driving.

“Most passengers fear speaking out against reckless driving as they risk scolding from passengers and the matatu crew or in some cases being thrown out if the matatu and there are also passengers who encourage the drivers to speed so that they get to their destinations faster,” said Kittony.


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