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January 23, 2019

How To Avoid A catfish


How do you make your boyfriend’s best friend know the boundary between her and the guy?”


So your boyfriend has a female best friend and she is crossing some lines that are making you uncomfortable? Ha ha ha! I get that from where you are siting it is not funny, but I am laughing because it is rather predictable. Women are funny creatures… I love us, but we can truly make each other miserable – and sometimes it’s even just for sport.

So now, how to deal with her? First, recognise that this best friend is not your friend. She is your boyfriend’s friend. The relationship between her and your man, is not yours to establish boundaries in. In fact, if you impose yourself and your opinions and feelings into it, you might get hurt. This woman might decide to hurt you and make you jealous just because she can. If she is really sneaky she could do it in a way that you and only you will know – while your boyfriend will think that you are jealous and overreacting. Meanwhile, she can mess with you – with hugs that are just a little too long, late-night phone calls and outings that you are not invited to…

I suggest that you talk to your man and let him figure out how he is going to take care of you and your heart. Your heart is in his hands, not his best friend’s. It is up to him to make sure the space between the two of you remains safe so that you can continue to open up to him. For example, you can tell him that you do not want him to discuss your private feelings, your hopes and, or dreams with this friend. In the same way you would protect your relationship from your nosy friends and any male friends who might feel the need to interfere. Trust your boyfriend to jump in and do the same. Let him know that displeases you and give him room to figure it out.

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