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February 21, 2019

Klopp heading to the Premier League? Not a good idea in my mind


Jurgen Klopp will not come to Arsenal; at least not at the present time. Following Klopp’s announcement that he would leave Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season there has been so much speculation about where he would go.

Manchester City have been the club most touted to be his next project given of course that Manuel Pellegrini has had and continues to have a season he would love to forget. But why does a manager have to be linked to another club when he quits? Klopp claims he doesn’t have an offer from any other club – something you should only partially believe given that he also says he doesn’t intend to take a year off.

Strangely though I think he indeed doesn’t have an offer but quitting with some time to go before the season ends is so strategic. He knows that there are clubs whose antennas will be raised now that they know he’ll be available before the end of May and he’s giving them time to think and make an approach without upsetting Borussia Dortmund.

Clever Klopp! But the notion that he might just make Emirates his new home is far fetched! I have my issues with Arsene Wenger but I am fully aware that it will take a lot more to get rid of him at Arsenal than not winning the league or the Champions League. Those are targets for bigger clubs. Wenger will definitely deliver on the Champions League qualification target and he’s reached the semis of the FA Cup already so there is no reason, according to Arsenal’s bosses, to get rid of him any time soon.

Even though I blogged two weeks ago that Pellegrini was on his way out of City, if they do let him go and make the swoop for Klopp I wouldn’t be surprised but I would consider them even more confused than I already did. City have gone through several big managers already since the money came in from Sheikh Mansour and they need to settle down at some point. Hiring a successful manager and then showing him the door at the first sign of defeat isn’t smart.

I don’t think they should hold onto a manager after nine years of defeat – if you know what I mean - but one poor season for Pellegrini isn’t enough in my view to show him the door. Klopp would be attractive for City though because he has done well in Europe with Dortmund building them from next to nothing to Bundesliga winners and Champions league finalists. At City he would be starting from a higher spot. But I would predict it now that several years down the line when Klopp has a poor season like he’s having in the Bundesliga this year, he would be shown the door as well.

I suggest Klopp should take a year off just like Pep Guardiola did and look for a club that will respect him and keep him. Although Arsenal are not a great example he still needs to find a club like Arsenal that sticks with their manager even in tough times. I think Arsenal have stuck with Wenger for a bit too many tough times. But you get my point. Unfortunately the only other big club that sticks with their managers for long is, well, Borussia Dortmund.


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