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February 20, 2019

Gor and Gunners should cruise as I hope United and City share the spoils

AFC Leopards Vs Gor Mahia Sunday 3pm Nyayo Stadium My Prediction: Ingwe 1-2 K’ogalo


The first Nairobi derby of the season; or is it the Shemeji Derby. We go through this every year and I wonder when we’ll settle on one derby name. Nairobi derby sounds sane but then so many teams are hosted in Nairobi that we would be having a Nairobi derby every weekend. I digress. Gor Mahia have come back from international duty on fire! I won’t persecute them so much about not going far on the continental scene because I blame that on the football management climate that has somewhat chased potential sponsors from the game.

Now they do need to concentrate on the league which the clubs management has said they have every intention on doing. Meddie Kagere had a fine game on Wednesday when K’ogalo beat KCB 3-1. The team is working hard for coach Frank Nuttal and the fans and hopefully the club will sort out any money issues they have very quickly.

Gor are currently top of the league with a game in hand; AFC Leopards are sixth. Leopards are once against suffering from management issues and that is affecting their game and their concentration. Players have in recent weeks also complained about money issues and some have gone to social media to say that they can’t wait for the June transfer window to open so they can leave. That’s sad because even if you don’t like your club, while you are there you should give 110 per cent to the cause. Such mental issues will see Ingwe fail to get maximum points form this game.

Burnley Vs Arsenal Today 7:30pm My Prediction: Burnley 0-3 The Gunners

From one small game to another. Last weekend we had the small matter of Liverpool and we dispensed of that 4-1. This weekend it’s just little Burnley and I can’t wait to dispense of them! The spirits are so good to us; giving us all these small games in a row. I need to start a trend on twitter: “someone tell Burnley” but there will be only one reply: “that we aren’t Manchester City! Neither are we Chelsea or Tottenham to draw with you! We played like such champs against the Reds last weekend.

The ball was flowing, the concentration was at an all time high and once we started scoring we couldn’t stop. And I love that the goals were coming from everywhere – four different scorers on the day! All we need to do is concentrate for the remaining seven games of the season and that second spot is ours! We will definitely beat Chelsea but I don’t trust any other team to do the honours for us so that’s a done deal.

The Blues are champions! And only because we can’t catch Chelsea. I’ll settle for the next best thing; finishing above Manchester United. I can tell I’m annoying many non- Gunners right now and it’s fantastic! If your season (and I’m speaking to the Red Devils, the Reds and the Citizens) was going as great as ours right now, it would be you gloating all the way to the bank. I won’t even dwell on Burnley because I don’t think I can even spell the name of their manager. Not to mention I’ve gone down the standings and can’t find them; oh there they are; in the relegation zone!

QPR Vs Chelsea Sunday 3:30pm

My Prediction: QPR 1-4 The Blues

Chelsea haven’t lost a game in their last ten although three of those matches have ended in draws. And they have nothing to worry about because QPR have lost seven of their last ten matches. And their two wins were against West Brom two weeks ago and Sunderland two months ago! Chelsea are concerned about Diego Costa’s niggling hamstring problem but like the Gunners they have massive cover upfront to beat even the strongest teams. And just like Arsenal, since Costa got injured, other players have risen to the occasion to get the all important goals.

Even though Cesc Fabregas’ form has dropped some-what, players like Oscar, Ivanovic and the valuable Eden Hazard have stepped forward to reflect the attitude of their manager; that of someone who expects nothing but victory. As much as Chelsea have a fantastic squad the attitude of the team, brought about by Jose Mourinho, has carried them through many games. They believe they can win and hopefully they don’t underestimate QPR today or things could get catastrophic! Even though analysts like to say that it’s a tough time to face any team that’s staring relegation in the face, I think the Blues will dismiss Rangers in a rather embarrassing way.

Manchester United Vs Manchester City Sunday 6pm My Prediction: Man United 2-2 Man City

I believe in the book and the docu-movie called “The Secret!” It’s about believing in something so hard until the “universe” plays to your tune. So starting today; and it’s still Friday as I write this; I’ll be focusing on a draw in this game right up until 7:52pm tomorrow. Focus on a draw; focus on the scorers but more importantly focus on both teams dropping points to give us – the Gunners – some breathing space! Is this nasty of me; perhaps! Is it necessary in order to ensure Arsenal doesn’t drop down the standings; yes. Between now and the end of the season, all my conversations will end with how something will impact Arsenal’s position.

Sorry in advance. Now about two weeks ago when LVG said that there was no way Manchester City were going to finish above Manchester United, we all kind of smiled! We didn’t burst into laughter because we actually weren’t sure. Of course there were the naysayers asking how? But then again there were those people who would have been looking at the point’s difference and knowing that it would be very possible given that the two teams still had to play each other. What we didn’t expect was that United would already be ahead of City as they met at Old Trafford. So for LVG’s prophesy to come true, United only need a draw here.

That said; I’m sure LVG will be going for an all out win because he isn’t sure about the game against Arsenal on the second last day of the season. In terms of play; both teams are playing well right now but something is lacking when it comes to finishing for City. And football is won on goals only. United’s finishing is pretty good. Herrera and Rooney were on fire last weekend and Mata the week before. There is no shortage of scorers at Old Trafford and Vincent Kompany and the rest of his back-line will have to be at the top of their game. But a derby is a derby and this will be rough on both teams. United have the edge going into this game. Emotionally I want a draw; worst case scenario I want a City win.

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