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February 20, 2019

I fancy only the Gunners to rake in all three points with the rest settling for 1 each

Arsenal's Danny Welbeck
Arsenal's Danny Welbeck

Arsenal Vs West Ham Today 6pm

My Prediction: The Gunners 3-1 The Hammers

Arsenal are on top of the world! In our minds we have done better than simply winning the league; we have broken that jinx that Manchester United had on us for way too many years! It was bound to happen this season because now I believe the ghost of Sir Alex Ferguson has truly gone! Surprisingly David Moyes maintained United’s inability to lose to us; but that was a Ferguson hangover. It’s now a new day; a new dawn and things are going to be different from here-on-in. West Ham started the season pretty strong but their last ten days have been rather devastating. Four losses and five draws has seen them move from a European qualification position to 10th in the standings. Infact Hull City is the only team they have beaten in their last ten matches. The reverse of this fixture ended 2-1 in favour of the Gunners and yet that Gunners team wasn’t as fired up as this one! The team has finally learned that it’s better to win ugly than to play beautiful possession football and garner no points. And it seems Manager Arsene Wenger is allowing it. He has to! Arsenal’s target now is to close the four point gap with second place Manchester City and it’s possible. A London derby at Emirates; a prime time fixture; and three points in the bag for the Gunners!

Chelsea Vs Southampton Sunday 330pm

My Prediction: The Blues 2-2 The Saints

Oh this is one of those games that will have a serious impact in that critical first – seventh area of the standings. Chelsea appear to have run away with the title but their collapse against PSG at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday may have affected the “babies” negatively. I know that Manager Jose Mourinho has told his troops to focus on winning the league now; and that their five point gap at the top with a game in hand sees them in a great position; but things can change in a moment. Just ask Liverpool who were tipped to win the league last season. Southampton is one of those teams that can cause problems for big teams. This season they have beaten Manchester United and Arsenal and won’t be afraid of a trip to Stamford Bridge. Even though their steam wore off somewhat in recent weeks, they have the talent and the drive to change that around. The Saints are 7th in the standings, just five points off 3rd placed Arsenal. They are clearly still hoping for a Champions League spot and it isn’t impossible. This is definitely one of the biggest, most meaningful ties this weekend, along with the game that comes next! I think the drive of these two teams is equal.

Manchester United Vs Tottenham Sunday 7pm

My Prediction: The Red Devils 2-2 Spurs

Along with the Chelsea game, this is the other most important tie of the weekend. Manchester United are only just in a Champions League qualification spot, 4th with 53 points, while Tottenham are sixth, but just three points behind them. A win for Spurs could see them equal on points with the Red Devils. I’m sure LVG doesn’t want any more embarrassment at Old Trafford in particular, but Mauricio Pochettino will have watched the FA Cup quarter final match and seen how easy, okay I’m exaggerating with the word “easy”, but seeing how the Gunners’ walked away with the victory. Pochettino has the talent at Spurs and his talent appears to be more effective that United’s star studded line-up of a disjointed team. Yes. Even the “Great Roy” Karuhize admitted it on Saturday that United have the talent but that the team is disjointed. There appears to be a problem between how LVG wants the team to play and how the team themselves want to play. I believe some players go onto the pitch determined to ignore the directions of the Manager; while others try to obey the manager but just aren’t skilled enough to be effective. Whatever the confusion is at Old Trafford, it’s a joy for non Red Devils to watch. Both teams will try hard here to get the win and I believe this will also be all square.

Swansea Vs Liverpool Monday 11pm

My Prediction: The Swans 1-1 The Reds

This season is turning out to be extremely exciting! Even though my Arsenal could easily find herself out of the top four by just losing or drawing one game, I love it when the competition is so high. And for once it’s the traditional top six or so fighting for positions. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool have always been the traditional top four; with Tottenham peeking in; and in recent times – since dollars came in – Manchester City have joined in. And right now, any of these teams mentioned could finish between second and sixth, or worse with Southampton breathing down our necks! It’s a desperate time for any of the big teams, Liverpool included. Swansea are a strange team that can beat any big team on a good day and lose to any small team on a bad one. They are ninth in the standings having lost four games in their last team and won three. They have beaten the likes of Southampton and Manchester United, but among their losses are a 4-1 loss to Liverpool; a 5-0 loss to Chelsea and they only just lost 3-2 to Spurs in their last outing. This is a tough one and the Swans will be at home. Surprise surprise I am predicting yet another draw this weekend.

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