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February 23, 2019

Hooray, at last Wenger has signed a player, even if its a kid

Krystian Bielik
Krystian Bielik

Wenger has signed so it’s time for all us Gunners to just shut up!

We said he never would and he did; a 17-year-old holding midfielder who can also play in the centre back position. So now we are set! Krystian Bielik is a Gunner! Bring on Diego Costa and Wayne Rooney!

Heck bring on Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in the Champions League. We are armed and we are dangerous! I can’t believe some people somewhere are taking me seriously.

I mean this kid is talented and I admire Arsene Wenger’s ability to groom youth into superstars, but is he the only thing we need right now? Is he the medicine to combat the amazing goal scorers I have just mentioned above?

My issue with Wenger on bringing these young players is selling them off when they hit their prime. We produce to the best at Arsenal and then we let them go to spend their most productive years earning three points for “bigger” clubs.

But just so that I don’t always sound negative; I would like to say “Thank you Wenger,” but I want more. We had an amazing performance against Man City last week and yes I was wrong in my prediction, but I don’t regret what my stand was. I think you can all admit that ArsenalXA has never played like that all season; so who would have expected it. I like surprises, but a good surprise like that should happen weekly and see us climb up the standings.

With Southampton not letting up, are we really going to finish in our unambitious position of fourth this term? I don’t think so!

Beating City was great, but this season we have lost to teams like Southampton, Stoke, Swansea and others in other tournaments, when we shouldn’t have. I really wouldn’t mind losing to one or two big clubs, but then winning all the “smaller” games. That’s where points are dropped drastically. If we could find that spirit we showed at City every week regardless of whether we have injuries or not, then we would be a force to reckon with.

When I tweeted on Monday asking why we weren’t playing like that every week; someone wrote: “Injuries duh! ” But injuries are no longer excuses. It’s like being late to work because of traffic and yet you’ve been using that same route to work every day for five years; so you know what the traffic would be like. You plan for unforseen obstacles. Injuries will always be there; which is why Mourinho has Diego Costa; but also Loic Remy. Which is why LVG has David de Gea and still signs Victor Valdes. Which is why teams have back up that is second rate. Arsenal started the season in four competitions and are still in three. We need quality back up in every position so that injuries will never be an excuse. We can’t use the same excuse for nine years. Plan Wenger plan. That said: a large part of our first team is back and rearing to go; and should things remain like this, we should get the unambitious fourth position. But with the transfer market open, Wenger should be asking himself; “what if Alexis Sanchez gets an injury, will we have cover?”

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