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February 23, 2019

Fifteen curses transform our leaders into thugs who throw punches in Parliament

Parliament building.
Parliament building.

Some weeks back, Kenyans were shocked to see MPs fight in Parliament. Yet 15 curses have degenerated leadership and elections into child plays, carnivals and fights where people entertain themselves and steam off.

First curse makes elections, not a most serious business of electing persons who will lead us over rivers, bridges, valleys, mountains and desert of our lives to the Promised Land.

Second curse is when people reject good leaders and prefer bad ones just as Israelis rejected God-appointed Samuel in preference for King Saul, against warnings that he would own and exploit them, confiscate their animals, tax them, take their daughters and lead their sons to useless wars. Like Israelis, instead of Kenyans electing saviours, they have chosen to elect the most corrupt robber barons, crooks and dictators.

Third curse is one of Kenyans electing oppressive leaders, from desperation of good people rejecting leadership to instead look after their own interests. Similarly in the Bible, trees elected a thorn tree to lead them after good trees had rejected leadership of other trees. When good people reject leadership, the reigns of leadership are taken by the corrupt, the greedy, murderers, robber barons, drug barons and tribalists that we see fighting in Parliament.

Fourth curse is young leaders, advised by fellow youths, rejecting to lead people by freedom and democracy just like King Rehoboam refused to reduce the yoke of dictatorship after the death of King Solomon, his father.

When elders begged for reduction of the burden of oppression, the young King Rehoboam rejected their plea, and instead promised to increase the weight of their yoke and lash them with scorpions instead of whips. This tyranny of King Rehoboam would ultimately provoke rebellion of 11 tribes from the rule of the tribe of David.

After 40 years of dictatorship, tribes of Kenya have pleaded for good leadership. But rather than give people good leadership, leaders have made their yoke heavier through security laws that have increased powers of the President and armed forces.

Fifth curse is when leaders violate people’s rights by stealing their land, employment and businesses just as King Ahab and Queen Jezebel stole poor Naboth’s land and having him stoned to death for false blasphemy.

Sixth curse is when leaders refuse to lead by truthful advice from truthful people and instead govern with false prophets that lie for king’s favours. Kenyan leaders misrule the country following false advice just like King Ahab was misled into war and death by false prophets upon rejection of truthful advice from prophet Micaiah. Kenya too has many false prophets who will not tell the truth for fear of losing favours.

Seventh curse is when leaders allow evils to proliferate in the land with the possibility of plunging the country into war. In the Bible, a single incident of raping a traveller’s wife, symptomatic of systematic evil, led to a war between 11 tribes that sought justice from the tribe of Benjamin that would neither do justice nor produce culprits of the crime.

Eighth curse is when leaders allow themselves to be held captive to negative ethnicity. Even when Kenyans remember how negative ethnicity nearly plunged the country into genocide, they continue to be hypnotised by ethnic hate and discrimination. Yet, we cannot ignore genocide in Rwanda, Dafur, Uganda and former Yugoslavia and not plunge into genocide some day.

Ninth curse is when leaders believe leadership must marry corruption and insatiable greed of wealth that is never enough. And not to embarrass themselves, leaders have redefined leadership to mean not service to people but their turn to eat and be rich.

Tenth curse is when leaders champion capitalism as the only system that can develop Kenya even when 50 years of capitalist independence has only made this country poorer and poorer. 

Eleventh curse is when leadership is also given the meaning of leaders owning the country as they would land or private property.

Twelfth curse is when people refuse to think for themselves and instead rely on leaders to think for them on all issues including elections and referenda.

Thirteenth curse is when people see ethnic leaders as persons who are beyond infallibility and criticism from ordinary mortals.

Fourteenth curse is when people allow themselves to be misled to their leaders’ slaughter houses to be eaten, as sheep would allow hyenas to lead them to their slaughter houses.

Fifteenth curse is when people willingly bow to bad leadership. Yet people cannot be oppressed, enslaved, subdued or hypnotised without their own consent. If donkeys reject unbearable burdens by lying down, why can’t people?

Both Bible and the Quran say no to leaders who govern for self gain. Holy Books also reveal that leaders who suck the blood of their countries cannot save them from poverty, develop them or eliminate corruption.

However much we insist otherwise, Kenya will never develop without good leaders. But to save itself from rotten leadership however, Kenya must shed off curses of bad leadership. Burdened with curses, good leaders will remain illusive and without good leadership. Kenya will be doomed to fail. And inevitably, with bad leaders, the poverty of Kenya’s majority will only get worse by the day.

When leaders are held hostage by curses, they don’t only fail to develop the land. They also fight in Parliaments and before God, in His churches, Mosques, Temples and Holy Trees.

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