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January 21, 2019

I doubt Gunner can achieve much with Wenger still at the helm

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger

I don’t know what makes me more angry; Arsene Wenger or Arsenal fans that worship him! Before the Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday, I tweeted questioning why I should lose sleep over a “Sanogo-led” Arsenal; of course with the “Wenger Out” hashtag.

So Yaya Sanogo scored two minutes into the game and fans started telling me to eat my words. Really? Here is a player who manager Arsene Wenger has made his “first choice” striker for Champions League matches and yet that was his first goal in 17 competitive matches for Arsenal. He has only scored in the Emirates Cup which doesn’t count for me.

Olivier Giroud wasn’t registered to play in the Champions League while our other “world class striker” Danny Welbeck was injured. But when we have players like the experienced World Cup winning Lukas Podolski on the bench and Joel Campbell who not only proved himself in last season’s Champions League for Olympiakos but also guided his country Costa Rica to the quarter-final stage of the World cup; sitting on the bench, it’s an insult to football.

There wasn’t much Podolski could do with the ten minutes given while Campbell I suppose should be grateful for being given four minutes on the pitch. Sanogo scored a great goal but for the next 77 minutes; it was back to the same old misfiring player. To his credit, he’s just 21 and is the future of Arsenal, but he isn’t ready to lead the team in such high profile matches.

Wenger needs to play him more in league matches with average sides and then grow him steadily so that his performance can become consistent. Someone on my twitter handle likened Wenger to Pastor Kanyari and Arsenal supporters to Kanyari’s congregation. That is blind support and regardless of what happens; Arsenal fans will always worship Wenger.

If we want to be remembered as a club that won tournaments, we need consistency and planning. What planning went into not registering Olivier Giroud for this stage of the Champions League?

Isn’t that our doctors can not estimate how long it would take to see a player well and able to play again? I’m just sick and tired of Wenger and he needs to go! Clearly his talents are in scouting and developing players but a club like Arsenal needs something a little more mature.

I look at Chelsea FC everyday and ask myself why? Why did Jose Mourinho have to go to that side of London when a club like Arsenal needed him more? Mourinho has a smart collection of youth and experience players; all with massive talent. It hardly makes news when a player is injured because even when it’s Diego Costa, he isn’t missed massively. This team is unbelievably good right now to the point where I stay up to watch Chelsea play. And in the process, I ask myself why Arsenal play like boys while Chelsea play like men. No, I’m not defecting; I’m lamenting, which is my right! I have invested time and effort into the Gunners and I need results, now! That’s not going to happen with Wenger at the helm which is why I joined the chorus this week: “Wenger Out!”

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