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January 22, 2019

I can't stop thinking about that viral video

HORRIFYING: I could barely watch after the nanny gave the first slap. Photo/COURTESY
HORRIFYING: I could barely watch after the nanny gave the first slap. Photo/COURTESY

At the rate videos are going viral these days, I reckon that headline was a bit ambiguous. If matatu touts are not busy stripping our women on the streets, our Ugandan neighbours have woes regarding childcare nannies.

THAT is the video I want to talk about. The Ugandan video that went viral last week and invoked feelings of anger in very many. If you haven’t watched the video, it’s a hidden ‘nanny cam’ that was strategically placed in a home to record what the child’s nanny gets up to all day with the child. The father of the little girl in the video decided to have one installed after he noticed his daughter was unexplainably bruised. His gut instinct was that the helper was the reason but needed to know for sure and he put in hidden cameras.

What many saw horrified us. I could barely watch after the nanny gave the first slap and had to stop. Reading comments on social media about the video, it became very evident that the child’s nanny carried on meting out different forms of torture because it seemed like everyone wanted her dead.

I used to have a helper for my kids when they were very little. They were not full time helpers and babysat my kids when I had to be somewhere without them. Watching the first few seconds of that video and the reading all those comments made me wonder how horrid that woman must have been. My children’s helper was more than a mother to my kids.

She had a lot of love for them and cared for them more than words can ever express. My kids loved her to bits and when she had to leave because her husband had to move countries, we cried like we were sending off a family member. We still keep in touch and she has named her daughter after mine. What a great honour for our family that she thought us worthy of that.

I read that the violent helper was thoroughly beaten up by the little girl’s father. After that, the stories that have been floating around are probably urban legends but it seems like justice prevailed and that pathetic women was jailed.

We will never know what made that woman become so violent towards a helpless child but we do know that it did outrage us enough to become passionate about it, abuse her, and tell the world exactly what we would have done to her had she done that to our kids.

I don’t begrudge families who have to leave their kids with helpers while they are at work. Life is difficult as it is and a double income in the family always goes a long way. Just make sure you do a proper background check on your helpers and also, let them know that cameras have been fitted beforehand. That way, they won’t even think (hopefully) of attempting to do anything untoward.

I’m relieved to know that the little girl who was traumatised at the hands of this helper is healing physically. I’m not sure if there’s psychological damage but it’s good to know she’s ok for now.

It’s tough being a parent sometimes, isn’t it?


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