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January 21, 2019

The Gunners have brought my confidence back

Some Liverpool supporters on facebook are feeling on top of the world right now. They thrashed Borussia Dortmund 4-0 in a club friendly last weekend and Dortmund went on to beat Bayern Munich in the German Cup on Wednesday, so Liverpool fans are feeling as if they beat the Munich side. Lol.

My pal Juna Vidyarthi has been blogging about Liverpool after Luis Suarez and he clearly is one of the more cautious Scousers, only going as far and predicting that Liverpool will win their opening game against Southampton. Gee Southampton sold everyone except Victor Wanyama so beating them right now would be pretty easy for any team.

I would be inclined to agree with my pal, that Liverpool will win their opening game. After that though, it will be a wrap as they face Manchester City second. But why am I talking about Liverpool? Because they are one of the delirious sides who are hoping for a great season despite the fact they sold their smartphone and bought several mulika mwizis!

I admire how Manchester United boss Louis Van Gaal has conducted his pre-season but I feel he has taken too long to select his first team squad for the season and this could prove detrimental to the club. He gave all his boys a chance to prove themselves during the pre-season but is only cleaning up now with no time for the boys to train together because the season is here. But I won’t lose sleep over Man United’s problems. Chelsea’s pre season has been weird. They lost to the likes of Besiktas and Werder Bremen so I really wonder how Jose Mourinho plans to approach the new season.

And then there is Arsenal; and I’m smiling right now. Many critics may belittle the Community Shield win but I won’t because of the team that we were playing. Manchester City are the reigning champions and we, the Gunners, beat the reigning champions! How is that not a big achievement? And we looked great doing it! The squad was sharp and organised and with the best still yet to come in the form of Mesut Ozil, Per Mertesacker and Theo Walcott, who knows where the Gunners will go this season.

A part of me is hoping that we exit the League Cup early so that we can concentrate on real silverware, but another part of me is so confident that we have a “B” team able to challenge the best clubs in England for the League Cup. It would just sound better if we win several pieces of silverware and not just one or two. Oh I am feeling so confident entering this season. It’s been years since I felt like this!

Haters will continue calling the Gunners pace setters and dreamers but I don’t mind such talk. It shows that people fear us and right now I believe they have a very good reason to fear. Talk to me on @CarolRadull on twitter or

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