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February 21, 2019

Do Kenyan Voters Really Want To Join First World?

 As you read this, Kenya is burning. But if Kenyans don’t wish to continue burning, they must ask where they want to go, and who will take them there. If Kenyans know where they wish to go, that will be their vision, dream and mission.

In every country, different generations have different visions depending on their different problems and needs. For instance, the vision of the Mau Mau generation was to defeat colonialism and get independence, while that of the generation that followed was to end dictatorship and get democracy.

For the generation of the third liberation, their vision will be to end poverty and unemployment, muster development and get into the First World.

To lead is to show the way. Leaders must show the way out of the desert of poverty to heaven, where our mission will be to join the First World through mastery of science, technology and industrialisation.

Kenya must know her destination, and who will take her there. There are two types of leadership that cannot take people to the Promised Land. The first is of people whose dominant qualities are greed, self enrichment, aggrandizement and protection of wealth.

The second is of persons whose leading qualities are courage and overzealousness to wage war as a means of gaining power, governing, acquiring resources and resolving conflicts. Ultimately, they become dictators as we have seen Museveni, Kagame and Kiir become – however benevolent.

Because leaders of both Jubilee and Cord coalitions are the type that will unashamedly buy leadership, and their politics is illuminated by greed for wealth and power, they can hardly be Joshua that will take people to development.

The leaders who will take us to Canaan are illuminated by reason; philosophers who have no burning desire to lead, who govern to promote truth, freedom, equality and justice; who lead by influence rather than force; who will not acquire power by negative ethnicity, and will not embrace tyranny to keep power. Examples of these leaders in Africa are Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah.

Because leaders never lead in a vacuum, backward systems of economy and governance have assisted some African leaders to destroy their countries through greed and corruption, while progressive systems have helped others to save their countries by hard work, discipline, honesty and sharing.

Broadly, there are two systems of governance. One is the system characterised by greed, theft and 'carnivore-ism' and is called primitive capitalism, where the strong consume the weak and the country is the property of leaders and the rich. After Kenya became a colony, it has been exploited, impoverished, and its economy ruined by primitive capitalism.

When Alfred Einstein said it was lunacy to do the same thing, same way over and over, and expect different results, he was speaking about Kenya where capitalism kills, yet it is expected to save.

If capitalism cannot develop Kenya, we must abandon it, and instead embrace social democracy that has helped Scandinavian countries to raise themselves to the highest levels of economic and human development in the world. If Kenya seeks true development, it must choose between capitalism that destroys, and social democracy that develops.

As capitalism has been driving Kenya backwards, we must disembark from it and embark into the vehicle of social democracy that will drive Kenya into the First World.

For the vehicle of economy to see its way in the dark, it must have front lights. Otherwise, it will get stuck into holes and trenches. In a country, the system of governance is the vehicle, and its lights are the ideology.

Unfortunately, the Kenyan vehicle has lost its front lights and has been reversing towards Rwanda and former Yugoslavia, illuminated by rear lights of negative ethnicity that can only destroy and never develop.

Despite support for a more progressive system, our desire to develop Kenya into the First World will amount to nothing if we don’t master knowledge, integrity and good leadership.

In the world, people have advanced themselves by a renaissance of ideas, knowledge and technology. It is an impotent dream to think we can develop without sharpening brains and gathering all the ideas we can master.

Regarding good leadership for development, without integrity, leaders can neither be human nor liberators. They become hyenas, vultures and cobras. However bright or eloquent leaders might be, without integrity, they will never fight poverty or corruption.

The only way Kenyans will save themselves from poverty and corruption will be to elect leaders on the basis of Chapter six on integrity, though it was disregarded during the last election.

To end, we must mention insecurity that is fast metamorphosing into a war between Kenya and the al Shabaab of Somalia. Without taking lessons from her war with Shiftas, Kenya has put herself into a difficult situation where she is fighting two wars simultaneously, one in Kenya and the other in Somalia.

That this war has not been won as fast as Jubilee government expected, it has led to the western countries collapsing Kenya’s tourism with their travel advisories.

But even without travel advisories, to win the problem at the Coast, the government must do everything to cure negative ethnicity and religious fundamentalism that today pit Christianity against Islam, and Coast people against upcountry people, fueling the developing war at the Coast.

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