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January 20, 2019

Even Presidents Should Be Charged Over Anglo Leasing

It was corruption for President Uhuru to acknowledge that Anglo Leasing contracts were fraudulent but still authorize cash-strapped Kenyans to pay for them.

Like South Korea that had at one time charged and incarcerated in jail three of its former president for corruption, Kenyan former presidents should be investigated, charged and if found guilty jailed for the corruption that they conceived or refused to eradicate. Corruption can only be rooted out from past, present and future.

For a president who may not want to be charged with corruption, now or in future, it struck like a thunderbolt when President Uhuru authorized Treasury to pay for an Anglo Leasing contract when most Kenyans and his own TNA MPs had expressed their opinion that Anglo Leasing contracts should not be paid. In a real democracy, such disregard of MPs and public opinion is worse than corruption and would compel the president and his government to resign.

President Uhuru has said he has nothing to do with Anglo Leasing corruption but has he also nothing to do with the masterminds and beneficiaries of this corruption? If he claims to have nothing to do with the champions of Anglo Leasing, why is he so eager to pay Anglo Leasing when Kenya can defend herself against local and international courts whose justice is based on fairness and when paying one will invite the claims of all?

Further argument is advanced that Kenya lost her cases against Anglo Leasing and her failure to pay will lead to seizing and auctioning of Kenyan assets abroad. But why not call the bluff and see who will seize Kenyan assets. Has history not shown that Kenya can seize properties of those who may unfairly seize her assets abroad?

The truth about Kenya losing its Anglo Leasing cases is because our former Attorney General Amos Wako and current Attorney General Githu Muigai refused or were instructed by presidents they worked for not to defend their own country as a guarantee that those who had conceived Anglo Leasing corruption would not fail to benefit from it.

While Amos Wako fumed and swore never to resign for legally misadvising, misleading and betraying the best interests of his country, he and Githu Muigai, current Attorney General and other lawyers who consciously denied their country best defense in local and international courts, should be charged for betraying their country and encouraging its looting by grand corruption. In a country like China and Cuba, this betrayal would have been answered with a firing squad.

To support payment of Anglo Leasing, some TNA MPs had asked to be told who were the owners of Anglo Leasing and what goods or services did they deliver to Kenya to be paid? In answer to this question, civil servants in the Moi, Kibaki and now Uhuru governments have all averred not to know the owners of Anglo Leasing companies.

But while civil servants will deny Parliament, media and everybody else knowledge of who are behind Anglo Leasing, there is absolutely no way three of our presidents – Moi, Kibaki and Uhuru can ask for these identities and other related information and not be told. While it would be treason for civil servants to conceal this information, presidents are equally guilty for refusing to divulge this information to Kenyans or anti-corruption agents that have been investigating Anglo Leasing.

It is pathetic to see Kenyans and their parliament struggling to know who is behind Anglo Leasing when their presidents and collaborating civil servants are hiding this information.

In an effort to know the truth about Anglo Leasing, any civil servant that has uttered the words “I don’t know” to questions and answers recorded in the Hansard or any other record in order to conceal the truth should be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting corruption through concealment of evidence.

And let us remember, our presidents are not just guilty of concealing information that is key to fighting economic corruption, they have also concealed information that is key to unraveling the assassination of many Kenyan politicians like J.M. Kariuki, Tom Mboya, Pio Gama Pinto and others like Robert Ouko.

The worst tragedy of Anglo Leasing is that while Kenya has only one president, and many want to be rid of corruption by that same person, by ordering the paying of Anglo Leasing, President Uhuru has become a toothless bull dog without any moral authority whatsoever to fight corruption. Hence the war against corruption is lost as long as Uhuru is in power.

After bowing to Anglo Leasing, Kenya is now at the mercy of the gods of corruption. And while graft shares the guilt of bringing this country to its knees with other phenomena like negative ethnicity, one would think Kenya has its plate more than full with tragedies of terrorism, road carnage, hunger, deadly brews, negative ethnicity to ask for a resurrection of Anglo Leasing ogres.

But success of fighting our calamities is grounded on our success in fighting corruption. If we fail to fight corruption, we shall fail to fight all our other tragedies and be doomed.

Wronged as they are, Kenyans don’t want to ask Uhuru to resign. But those who ask Uhuru to resign don’t do so because they hate Uhuru. It is because they love Kenya more. The cross of graft should however not be carried by Uhuru alone. Other presidents guilty of aiding corruption should carry the same cross.



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