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January 22, 2019

Football made in Germany? Not any longer, Real Madrid proved it

Bayern Munich's players react after the penalty shootout as they qualify for the final at the end of their C.JPG
Bayern Munich's players react after the penalty shootout as they qualify for the final at the end of their C.JPG

Football no longer “made in Germany!” That’s how one facebook friend put it after defending Champions Bayern Munich were shamefully whipped at home in the Champions League semi final tie by Real Madrid.

I argued with the “Great Roy” aka Roy Karuhize during my Sports Show last Saturday over how Pep Guardiola’s techniques and Bayern Munich, just weren’t going together. He shut me up and said the German club squad just needed time to adapt to Pep’s ways and all would be fine.

Infact he said the Madrid club were in for a beating in the return leg. There definitely was a hiding on Tuesday, only that Bayern were the recipients and not the executioners. I think this result is good for a German club as we head into the World Cup.

Though Bayern have their fair share of foreign players, there will be those in the German national team who’ll be saying we need to be a little more cautious going into the world. It could work in Germany’s favour.

Meanwhile watching Cristiano Ronaldo play in Germany was like heaven. He has broken Lionel Messi’s goal tally of 14 in one Champions League season; and done one better by scoring 16 this term with a final still to come. Without taking anything away from Messi’s genius, I can’t believe there will still be some critics who will say Ronaldo doesn’t come close to Messi’s talent;. The same ones who criticised the Portuguese player when he won the Ballon D’or! I think that right now we can safely say that it’s tough to say who is the better player. They are unique in their own ways and masters of their art but so close when it comes to effectiveness on the pitch. Right now Ronaldo is clearly in better form. Overall though, they are pretty equal in my eyes.

Meanwhile my Arsenal finally gave us a stress-free game on Monday. It reminded me of the unbeaten season where I was only on the edge of my seat during the last couple of games because of the pressure of wanting to finish the season unbeaten. The entire season had been a walk in the park; a time for relaxation.

A few Arsenal fans decided to boast about the Newcastle result, but in my book there’s nothing to boast about. Even if we finish our last two games with convincing wins, 4th place still means we need to begin our season early with Champions League qualifiers. There’s nothing relaxing about that.

That said: let’s finish the job this weekend with a win over West Brom and then say what we always say between the months of February and May… next season…


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