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February 20, 2019

Exclusive interview with India's DJ Lemon

Look at his Facebook profile and page and you will most definitely find him easy on the eye. Download his music and you will be smitten with what he does. Meet DJ Lemon who redefines love in his own way with his mixes, Love Redefined. He has become a household name on the clubbing scene in Nairobi. His easygoing attitude and friendliness makes him a darling to many. He spoke to the Star in this exclusive interview.

 Surely, you have a real name, what is it?

My name is Anil M Chainani. 

If you weren’t DJ Lemon, who would you be?

If I were not DJ Lemon I would have been a mainstream television star.

What pushed you to do what you do? You seem to have so much fun. What got you to become a DJ?

Music has been an integral part of me since I was a child, just one time I had been to this DJ night at my brother’s wedding in 1998. And that’s it — my life changed upside down. I wanted that stage. Playing music became my passion and I started breathing music since then. I love what I do … I always make sure I spread love and happiness wherever I go sometimes through music, sometimes through my conversation. I always had a dream to do something for everyone all around the world and leave a strong mark before I die; clearly my music will always be there.

How do you deal with fans who clamour all over you, especially when you’re having a badass day and really don’t feel like any human interaction?

I can’t hurt anyone because I had a bad day. I would just smile and walk away. I do have mood swings sometimes and then I go into my own space along with my close friends who can handle my irritated mood better.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what would you be doing?

I would have joined my dad's textile business.

It’s no secret you have a huge female following. This has been pretty evident with your fans in Kenya especially those who literally drool over every picture and update of yours on social media. Are you going to be humble about this or tell us honestly how much you love this attention?

Everyone loves attention and I am no exception. It's a blessing that people love me so much. I cherish this love and attention I get from the opposite sex in Kenya. I love them too!

You’re always so well-kitted. From the posh suits to the rather funky tees you always seem to wear, who dresses you? And you seem to have a permanent pair of sunglasses and headgear on you. Fashion statement?

I am a strong-headed person when it comes to fashion since I run a boutique back home which is also named as “Lemon  Men's Studio”. So it's the fit that counts to me weather it be CK, Armani or maybe a unbranded tee which is made locally in Mumbai… but one thing for sure, I exactly know what I want before I leave my house for shopping. About headgear, it was initially my signature style, which went on for few years, and people loved it. So I kept wearing it and lastly about sunglasses — they are my weakness. From Carrera to LV to Ray-Ban Aviators! 

Can you cook? Like real cooking and not the bbq and boys night out cook out thing.

"I can cook amazingly delicious food” would be such a lie … coz all I can cook is MAAGI or maybe boil eggs.

What has been the biggest extravagance in terms of spending your hard-earned cash?

I recently bought a brand new apartment in a very upmarket residential suburb.

You’re so popular and going by social media, you’re adored by many. What drives you to be DJ Lemon?

The immense love and strong support to my signature style of songs and mixes makes me work harder than what I did in my earlier mixes. DJ Lemon is just not my name anymore — it's a brand, it's a name which represents love songs and a unique style of remixes. 

You’re actually one of the few celebrities I know who isn’t stuck up or has his head up his backside so far that the lips get mistaken for an extra kidney. You also make a point, whenever you can, to reply back to fans. Why do you think these so-called celebrities behave the way they do? Is it beneath them to be nice to the people who adore them and actually afford them their star status?

Stardom is earned with a lot of hard work and it’s your fans that make or break you. I always keep my feet on the ground that keeps me close to all my fans. 

What’s your opinion on man-bags? Do you carry one? What’s in it?

Man-bags was a big no for me, but recently I discovered how important it is for a man to carry a man-bag with him wherever he travels. I make sure I carry pen drives, earphones, sunglasses, cologne, mouth-wash, chewing gum, disprin, extra tee shirt in case we suddenly plan to hit a club, phone charges, passport kit along with my credit and debit cards, who knows when I am flying where. 

On a scale of 1-10, how scared are you of dogs growling and foaming at the mouth with fangs for teeth?


Tell me of five things you will not leave the house without.

Car keys, wallet, mobile along with charger, watch and sunglasses.

Quickfire round: Just give one answer.

Samose or Pakore?

Pakore specially “Onion Pakore"

 Rain or sunshine


 Ferrari or Lamborghini?


 Twitter or Facebook?


 Coffee or tea?


Gym or jogging?


iPhone or BlackBerry?

iPhone for sure 

Kenya or Dubai?


Just for fun - I would love to eat onion pakoras in the rain while I am checking my Facebook on my iPhone while driving a Ferrari before my tea at gym in Kenya! BAAAAMMMM 


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Event Co – Sponsored by Air Arabia , The King Post Apartment Homes by Gables Group & East FM, Kenya’s Premier Asian Mix.

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