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February 18, 2019

Goal drought is reason enough for Arsenal to bid farewell to the Premiership title

DISGRUNTLED: Arsenal's Arsene Wenger.
DISGRUNTLED: Arsenal's Arsene Wenger.

ARSENAL fans in Kenya will hate me when they read the next sentence. The title race is over and it’s Arsene Wenger’s fault! A clear lack of goals is what has cost us in several matches since the beginning of the year, including the Champions League tie against Bayern Munich.

Our failure to score in league games like that against Manchester United in Febru- ary and last weekend against Stoke City is because we didn’t sign a striker in January.

We didn’t need a striker for Champions League although that would have helped us in that competition, but we needed to have made the league a priority and bought a striker with the league in focus.

Strikers also come in handy as Liverpool have shown when you need to outscore a team. As much as we criticise Liverpool for conceding three goals when they played Swansea two weeks ago, they scored four and got the three points.

It baffles me how Wenger seriously chased Luis Suarez in August and then never bought any striker. Chasing Suarez showed that there was a need. The league title has gone. Now I am one of Laurent Koscielny’s biggest fans.

What he has done for the Gunners this season has been nothing short of amazing, but it is a fact that he has cost Arsenal three penalties and three goals this season.

Yes we can argue about whether all the penalties given were genuine but when that is your area of play; you need to be extra careful. Someone attacked me on twitter on Saturday when I said: “Koscielny causes yet another penalty!”

He said Arsenal would not be where they were if it hadn’t been for Koscielny this season. My question is where is Arsenal? Third! Is that something the Gunners should be celebrating? Has Koscielny been a fantastic defender this season?

Yes he has; but that’s what he has been hired to do! Defend well! He cost us a penalty in the loss against Aston Villa in August; and we lost against Stoke last weekend. Losses that cost us points!

And with the top of the league as tight as it is; those points could easily have seen us still on top. But because Koscielny has been brilliant overall this season; I feel it’s our striking force that has let the club down.

Despite indications by December that goals were disappearing, our dear coach did nothing in January. Arsenal is four points ahead of Man City in 4th and they have two games in hand. Goodbye Premier League title; now let me focus my attention on the FA Cup.


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