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January 16, 2019

Civil War Will Never End If We Don't Stop Negative Ethnicity

If Africans wish to survive, they must never forget that when the lion of negative eth- nicity is killing animals in the pen, they must sacrifice and risk everything to kill it.

Africa is burning and continuing to talk about its self-immolation is boring and futile. Better let it burn itself to death. Africans seem to like dying. Yet Africa is not attacked by nuclear powers.

Nor does it self-destruct with weapons of mass destruction. It commits suicide with negative ethnicity – Africa’s weapon of mass self-destruction.

Because it kills massively, millions of Africans believe negative ethnicity is their best protector. So, they embrace it as the ideology of their communities, parties, politics and elections.

Over years, negative ethnicity has taken African governments captive and unleashed them to kill more than 10.8 million since independence. African ethnic genocides have killed one million people in Rwanda, two million in Sudan, two million in the Nigeria Biafran war, 800,000 in Uganda, 150,000 in Liberia, 50,000 in Sierra Leone, 200,000 in Burundi, more than one million in Angola, more than 2.5 million in Democratic Republic of Congo, 20,000 in South Africa, 100,000 in Algeria, over one million in Somalia and 1,300 in Kenya.

Comparatively, two atomic bombs killed 100,000 people in Hiroshima and 40,000 in Nagasaki. Together, Africa’s genocides are the African Holocaust.

And in South Sudan and Central African Republic, millions will die unless the madness of negative ethnicity is rooted out, not glossed over by compromised peace makers.

Negative ethnicity is Africa’s worst enemy. As foreigners set fire to African villages to conquer, enslave and colonise; Africans set fire to African villages to conquer, subjugate and annihilate communities.

But madness of ethnic killing must stop. Killers in Africa have no right to play God with African people, killing them as they wish. Yet negative ethnicity cannot be stopped without understanding it. How does one take a machete to kill an innocent person for no reason but their ethnicity?

The madness of negative ethnicity is denied until it explodes as it did in Rwanda in 1994, in Kenya in 2008 and in South Sudan one month ago to the shock of many who deny it.

To explode and start ethnic wars, negative ethnicity employs several strategies. First, it worms itself into hearts and minds of the people as ideology of communities, politics, political parties and elections.

Second, it embraces as its motto a Machiavellian principle: “The end justifies the means.” If negative ethnicity gives you land, job or money, marry it. Third, negative ethnicity rejects all leadership from other communities.

Fourth, negative ethnicity takes governments to unleash ethnic mayhem. Once a government has embraced negative ethnicity, it can only destroy, never develop a country. Fifth, negative ethnicity protects corruption of ethnic elites who in turn propagate it. Once again, what is negative ethnicity?

Negative ethnicity is hate of people from other communities. It is rejection of other communities’ humanity and leadership. But Negative ethnicity is not ethnicity or positive ethnicity. Ethnicity is our physical constitution while positive ethnicity is our unbiased pride.

Ethnicity, positive ethnicity and negative ethnicity do not mean the same nor is negativity of negative ethnicity shared by ethnicity or positive ethnicity. It is therefore illogical to use ethnicity, positive ethnicity and negative ethnicity interchangeably. Again, they do not mean the same.

But how does negative ethnicity work? One, it demonises self and others. Unless you are a leper, you cannot infect others with leprosy. Only a demon can demonise.

Two, disciples of negative ethnicity blame others for own problems to justify their hate of them. Three, negative ethnicity thrives in discrimination against other communities. Its disciples refuse to share humanity, resources and power with people of other communities.

Four, ultimately, negative ethnicity fans conflict and war. It is the ideology of division, domination and genocide. Five, because it breeds prejudice and conflict, negative ethnicity has given Kenya her worst leaders.

 Negative ethnicity spreads like wild fire because it has uncanny ability to camouflage as a friend and saviour when its intention is to destroy all, starting with those who follow it.

Negative ethnicity comes as an ideology of salvation, not genocide; liberation, not enslavement. But it ends up annihilating all. By seducing all, negative ethnicity is an enemy of all.

It gives all its adherents an enemy to hate and conquer. It gives all its adherents a justification for the hate of others and a reason for negative self love.

To conclude, while racism and anti-Semitism, ideologies cousin to negative ethnicity have been on the decline, ethnic hate has been on the rise as evidenced by ethnic conflicts all over Africa. Why?

In poorer countries, people without intellectual capacity to handle complicated ideas are more vulnerable to the wiles of negative ethnicity than more educated people in the First World.

In Africa, the harm of negative ethnicity is denied or excused as African culture without which we shall be slaves. One who abandons culture, we are told, is a slave. Beneficiaries of negative ethnicity will always defend it even when it destroys societies that imbibe it.

Other ethnic elites defend negative ethnicity for uplifting them as champions of their communities and excusing their exploitation of own and other communities.

If Africans wish to survive, they must never forget that when the lion of negative ethnicity is killing animals in the pen, they must sacrifice and risk everything to kill it. As for international community, it must help to kill the lion, rather than later rush to help its victims with relief food.

Ethnic conflicts and wars will end not by separating ethnic armies with truces but by eradicating negative ethnicity, their root cause, long before wars break out.

The world must assist to fight negative ethnicity in Africa as it helps to fight racism, anti-Semitism and negative ethnicity elsewhere. Africans are not children of a lesser God.

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