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January 21, 2019

Let's Do Epic Shit in 2014!

Over the last two weeks I have had a chance to catch up with friends and family. Kick back and chat and laugh and even cry a little. One thread however ran through all the moments that I shared with those who are dear to me – the time for hanging around, talking about, debating, suggesting and even wishing that our lives were better, our organisations were better or even whining about how great our Kenya could be are over. As 2013 draws to a close, I have to say I am blessed and very privileged to have people around me who are already in 2014.

There is a rumble in the pits of our bellies that refuses to sit around and wait for 2014 to kick off so we can start thinking of what to do and plan how to do it and how to roll it out. We are already in 2014.  At our office end year party, my CEO laid down his vision for all of us on one slide. It said “Do Epic S**T!

Allow me to take that a step further and ask you to make it your mantra. Go on – join us. I’m giving you the template for what you will do to ensure that you and I, our lives, our homes, our relationships and our nation will be transformed for the better, forever.

In 2014 , Be Epic, Think Epic and Do Epic Shit. Yeah, I said. In 2014 – question everything. Why should things be the same as always just cause? Ask the questions no-one is asking and provide answers as well.

If no-one questioned stuff, we wouldn’t have Equity Bank or M-Shwari or the Thika Superhighway. We wouldn’t have visionaries we constantly talk about like Dr Alfred Mutua. Don’t just question it, find answers. As my CEO says, “I have problems, give me solutions.”

In 2014 – blow up things. The fact that it has always been that way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Find new ways of doing things. How do you think we got M-Pesa and  Facebook, and Twitter and M-banking and Whatsapp – somebody dared to blow up the way we communicated and worked. Case closed.

In 2014 – go faster. Speed trumps precision. I’m in an industry that must match both speed and precision or we will be obsolete. In a world where twitter breaks news and has the videos and pictures before we can say “Good evening this is TV Primetime news”. In 2014, we are going to have to go faster and work with the precision of a guided missile or perish.

In 2014 – Jump and learn to fly on the way down. When I look back at the last three years of my life and my career, I can truly say the person who first told me “get on with it” changed my life.

Judy Kairo - thank you. Want to adopt a baby? Do it. Want to go to Harvard? Do it. I didn’t know where the money would come from. Want to buy a home, maybe two? Do it. Want to invest in Estonia? Do it.  The truth is, safety nets are gone forever. In 2014 – Jump!

In 2014 – Do It Anyway. There is a world of opportunity for those who ignore “no”. I have learnt that you must never ask for directions from someone who has never been where you want to do.

How will they tell you how to get there? You can’t build that building, you can’t buy that stock, you can’t invest in that venture. You can’t bring Forbes to Africa, it will never work… really? Wanna bet? Be Epic, Think Epic, Do Epic Shit.

In 2014 – fix the flying toilets. Dedicate your life to something more important than yourself. Eradicate jiggers, save elephants, provide sanitary towels, pay fees, give blood donations, run a marathon for charity – do something for someone else.

Change a life. It doesn’t take money – it takes selflessness. Giving has nothing to do with the state of your wallet, it’s a state of mind. Stop talking about the problems and do something about it.

But before you yell “yeah!” and run out the door, take a moment in the next few days and learn yourself deeply. What matters to you – seriously. We are a people who are constantly “other led”. You’re constantly waiting for the “likes” before you can act. Stop it!

Follow your passion and everything else will fall into place – fact. While you’re at it, disrupt yourself and remember resilience is everything. I have said this over the past year and I will say it again – find your breaking point.

Doing enough is simply not good enough. Do Epic Shit. My gift to you is the link to the book and the thinking by Bill Jensen or book an appointment with my CEO (whatever works for you). Get it off my Facebook fanpage:

I’ll finish by asking you to be keen about few things that mess us up while we are on verge of doing Epic Shit. You will be told “ulitukuta hapa, na utatuwacha hapa”.

Ignore those nutcases. You are the powers that be. Insiders will never topple the status quo. Why would they? Duh! Incidentally, doing Epic Shit has nothing to do with talking shit.

Some of us spend all our time sabotaging the places we work, the relationships we are in, badmouthing the schools, churches and even campus we go to.

If it’s not working for you, build something new. Get another job, move to another school, provide solutions, or get out of your crap relationship. Do Epic Shit, don’t just talk shit.

In 2014, be Epic, think Epic and do Epic Shit and when we look back a year from today, I hope we will celebrate how we changed our lives, relationships and our country for the better.

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